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A handful of weeks ago – although honestly, with this COVID19 non time I seem to be in, it could’ve been this morning 😉 – an email popped in from the Get in Touch form on this blog.

It was from a volunteer from and they were looking for another guest co-host on their weekly call. This one happened to be about LGBTQ+ History Month, and so I said I was interested.

I’m someone’s worried about these online things – perhaps ironic given my job and that I blog on here too – as online, I feel my voice very much does who I am. A silly fear given my photos on here may well do that, but often emotions don’t make sense.

There was also the usual Imposter Syndrome lurking in the background. As a not-out and non-activist part timer, am I trans enough to do this? The answer is, of course, yes. Not because of ego or action, but if someone had expressed the same question to me, I would’ve said you are valid and you are trans enough. Self care for the win. ❤️ Funny how I feel uncomfortable writing that about myself when I’ll readily offer support and help to others. Make of that what you will. 🙂

Anyhoo, I telephone call midweek dispelled such fears as the Saturday morning event would be live, anonymous, without cameras, and would not be recorded. We chatted for about an hour and listened to questions from the organisers, the audience, and each other. I thoroughly enjoyed it and if I get chance to listen or join in, I would.

If you fancy checking out the site, it’s here and they’re not selling anything. Signing up costs you nothing and there’s a variety of topics each week.

L x


  1. You’ve done a lot of outreach work over the years. Thank you. It’s important to have a real trans person in events like this and I’d say you were a good choice as you have integrity, are socially well-adjusted and have so much regular contact with the rest of the trans community. You’re appearances en femme may be only part-time, but you are trans all the time. Glad you enjoyed it. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. TBH, it’s been quite the opportunity to do outreach work and the online call was a joy too.

      If I may, I might use your last line in a blog post.

      1. Comments here are public so, in my view, you are free to quote at any time, but it’s nice of you to ask. I have a lot of trans friends and contacts doing public stuff (e.g. books, interviews) at the moment and might blog about that (not for the first time). Might link to this post of yours. Sue x

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