“Hold your head up, keep your head up, movin’ on”


Where to start? Shall we go with the good stuff? Reasons to be cheerful, eh?

The Jones Massive have now returned from their short half-term sojourn to the wilds of the West Midlands. Five lovely days with zero mobile phone access, a bit of WiFi for anti-social media, one too many pub lunches and much walking of the hound & kids. All of the latter rest far easier when they’ve had a long walk. Likewise for No So Little Miss Tubby who’s currently hammering the keys. 🙂

Yes, it was a much needed and much enjoyed break. It’s funny. I often get a little tense about going away. I guess I’m a creature of habit. Yet, once I’m there, I’m soon into the new habit of lying in until just after nine, enjoying breakfast, a leisurely walk and then back to the hotel cottage to brave the elements. It wouldn’t be a blog by an Englishman if I didn’t mention the weather at least once. 😉

You rang?

In other news, I think I’m over my self-induced mope / panic over the party last week… which is good. Part of this was by reviewing old (trans) photos of myself and friends. While they were many a mile away – as was my usual social camouflage – the memories were not. I just needed to reconnect with them and remind myself that I’m not always so Lurch-esq. Mind you, if I don’t slow down on pies and all that yummy real ale I had on holiday, I shall be rocking the Uncle Fester look very shortly. 🙂 If that’s not a good motivator, I don’t know what is.

Mind you, Mr Lurch does seem to be rather dashing in the bow tie. Perhaps I should have gone in that route? 🙂

Moving on…… Oh. Is Lurch related to Young Michael from Hot Fuzz? Just a thought!

Boot Camp

Having a week away has, I think, helped settle the old noggin. Did I stop taking the meds a week or two weeks ago? In all the confusion, I kinda lost track 😉 Still….despite that brief choking grasp of pink fog t’other weekend, all is good. I’m having to watch my temper, which is an aspect of my personality I don’t like.

Last week’s will-she-won’t-he micro drama over the stand up has moved a pace forward. The organisers have got back to me with a set of alternative dates for the training. Wow. I can’t get a sniff of instruction at work, yet outside, they’re throwing it at me. Go figure.

So, yes. A little later next week, I shall be heading off to either Derby or Leicester – in drab mode (boo) – for a few hours of instruction. I’ve got about three sides of A5 of ideas written down. Some anecdotes which I’ve already road tested on people (and yes, they laughed in the right places). Some new stuff too: a couple of current items in the news, some one-liners, etc. I guess I’ve got to mangle this into a three minute set and perhaps there lies the rub. Fingers crossed it goes okay. I’m rather looking forward to it, even though I’m rather nervous about the whole thing. Still, better to be nervous and plan, that be blasé and make a mess of it. Oh, the only snag: it has to be family friendly. Well, that’s f***ed it eh? 😉

On final parting nugget of information; the young media student who came to interview the good people at Chameleons? Well, she’s had a slight shift in project and has decided to expand her research into looking into depression within the trans community. Maybe I should save her some time and just give her the URL for this blog? 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics ]


  1. Uncle Fester in a wig and heels. Finally, I've discovered my celebrity look-alike! I knew there was someone out there I would resemble :o) :o) My surname is even Adams – how did I never spot it before…

    1. Lol. Fester could have been wearing anything under that giant smock of his. The only issue I think he had, was an overindulgence in eyeliner 😉

      While I was looking for an image of Lurch, I found ones of the whole cast. Including one of Carolyn Jones who played the delightfully sultry Morticia.

  2. Sounds like the holiday was good, even with the elements 🙂

    I'm really curious about your Stand-up… Damn Stena Line stopping the fast ferry that meant I could get back to Leicester for a short trip!

    Good luck with the training, and enjoy yourself!


    1. Ta for the well wishes.

      Perhaps missing the ferry would be a good thing. I mean, there's no guarantee I'll be on and it's a very short gig. Still, a good excuse to visit your folks 🙂

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