“I’m chasing down the wolves to save you.”


Today’s post will be a bit of a flying visit. It’s been a busy week and with us having half term on a jolly, it’s all systems go. So, why am I updating a blog? Well, I like doing it and as I can grab ten minutes to upload a few thoughts via mobile, why not. It keeps me happy.

Which brings me on the current struggle with the lack of medication. I had thought about starting the post with there’s a war in my head, but A) that’s overly dramatic (even for me 😛 ) and B) it’s not true. It’s more like my mind is a tumble drier set on non-crease. Just when I think things are making sense, the laundry gets another turn over. 🙂

I was, by my own making, in a bit of a flap yesterday. Somehow I had lost track of what day it was. I know, I don’t know how, but hey ho. So I hadn’t packed anything and I was later home than I’d have liked. I was very much in a spot between do I or don’t I? Stay in and risk missing out, or go through the whole faff of packing, a shower and then trekking out to Nuthall. Why do we, trans folk that is, get wound up about this? With some tea drunk – the British cure-all? – I felt a little better and decided to make the most of it.

As to the evening itself, it was pretty quiet, but not in a bad way. Despite winding myself up about the lack of time I’d have when there, I think it was…. for want of a better phrase… more quality than quantity. I had a really lovely chat with Alison and Sophie while I got ready. Then I caught up with Pat and Patty (I think that last name is right. Apologies if not). We spoke about divorce and recovering from serious illness. Yeah, I know that’s a bit heavy, but life happens. I guess it goes to show that in the long swing of things, I’m getting off lightly compared to others.

To make a bit of a change, I decided to forgo the usual leggings, jeans or dress, and go with a skirt and top combo. It seems ages sinces I’ve worn a dress and (relatively) low heels. I also noted that I’m struggling a little with too many plain tops. I think that’s why I gravitate towards dresses (because of the patterns). Also, my mascara has died a death, so a reason to go shopping.

For those of you Invading tonight. I hope you stay safe and have a good time.

In other news, the stand up gig is getting a little complicated. It’s on in Leicester (no probs), although the training session I have to go to, that’s when I’m on holiday. Guess we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed eh? 🙂 Oh, and it’s supposed to be for a PG audience, so there goes a load of my trans related jokes.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Club Foot by Kasabian ]

PS: 401st post. Woo. 🙂


  1. Do you know what date it is Lynn. The stand up I mean?

    Saw your facebook message on the student person at Chams. I'm off out of the country (just to avoid that!). Please say hi to her for me. She is the sweetest person ever. Present blogging company excluded of course. x

    1. Hi Rhi.

      I'll pass on your regards to M. Stand up? Welll…. I had an email today asking if I could make the training this week. Which annoyed me as I'd already sent one back saying I was on holiday. :-

      Oh well. Watch this space and if that goes pear shaped, I'll do as the Ever Lovely Mrs J suggests and try and open mic night.

      Yes, I realise I've not answered your question, but I will when I get confirmation myself.

      L x

  2. That was very surreal – we were commenting on each other's blogs at the exact same time. Weird. Thank you for your words on mine – so tough not to capitulate, even though I know the consequences would be stupid.

    It would be great to see you do it one way or another or at some point. I may have mentioned before that I think you'll be great. And the more time I spend with you (whilst limited) reinforces that you were born for it. You still need to learn how to do it, but the raw capability is there.

    Look forward to it.

    Rhi x

    1. A strange quirk of the clock indeed.

      Thanks (again) for the very kind words. I had an email earlier this week confirming a slot on one of the boot camp sessions. Two words close to my heart, boots and camp. Not so sure how they'd go together though. 🙂

      I'm a bit nervous about it, but then I think nerves means that I will plan and not attempt to wing it / bluff my way through it.

      What I didn't put on my….other? real? his?…. Facebook was to complete the line: What's the worst they could say? I'll add it here…

      What's the worst they could say? That I'm not funny enough? It's been said before – as have far worse things; sometimes by people whose opinion I thought mattered. It didn't when I realised there weren't friends…. not in the true sense of the word. But before we break the violins out, I think we – the trans massive – have had worse over the years. Sly looks, whispers, laughter, shouting and pointing….. and yet, we keep on rolling (baby).

      So yeah. Nervous, but not unprepared. Armed and fabulous, baby. 😉


    2. See – you can't help it. I was laughing out loud by the end of the second paragraph!

      Trans-massivedom does prepare you for a lot of stuff. Its partly why I can do the job I do too – you lose some of the inhibitions and get used to being look at like you are a mad thing.

      Nerves are a good thing and need to be endured. Fabulous is a must and is assured. :o) x

    3. Seeing as I seem to be able to amuse you, I think I'm going to bribe you to ensure a visit to the gig… assuming I get to go on. There's no guarantee apparently. :-

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