Price and/or pride?


I switched on my gaming console last night and I noticed a tile showing celebrate pride month. Intrigued, I took a look and indeed there was a number of inclusive games (as in friendship, identity, and romance options are more than only cis/het ones). That and content from LGBTQ+ folk in terms of games and films.

All good stuff, IMO, and as a gamer and someone who’s somewhere on the Trans spectrum, I thought it was a good thing. So, here’s my questions why wait until June? What happens after Pride finishes?

I think, like much in life, there’s nuances and I’m likely to lead more favourably to a company that celebrates Pride, supports LGBTQ+ people *all* year, and where it’s more than sticking a rainbow on existing products. Maybe using your corporate power to make stores more inclusive perhaps? Gender neutral loos, clarity on the policy around changing rooms, training for staff so they don’t freak out when I guy asks about trying on a dress, etc.

So, at the risk of rolling out an old line about a dog isn’t just for Christmas (true, doggos need love, walks, and care all year), perhaps the same could be said about Pride. No, not walks, but certainly something to be mindful of all year. If you’re looking to use Pride to highlight the good things you’re doing – as an employer, as a retailer, or any service provider – go forth and be awesome. ♥️

However, if Pride means plastic rainbows and chasing the pink pound, may I suggest you may have missed the point. Perhaps it’s time for some reflection on what this means to your employees, your customers, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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  1. Corporate Pride has undoubtedly become a thing, a lot of big franchises will give small donations to LGBTQ+ charities if you buy something of theirs, but if it is not backed up by actual policies or involvement any other time of the year, it just emphasises the need for the Pride protests in the first place.

    1. I’m grateful there’s some visibility. I just think it could be better in certain aspects. A few months back I visited a certain supermarket who had rainbow flags up. When I asked what they were up for, the person on the till shrugged and said it was something from great office. Good to see things making a difference eh? 🙂

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