Some summer sparkle


Last night was an evening out to Chams and date I say, I rather enjoyed it. It was great to be out for an evening to catch up with friends. I’m going to leave the post about the employment tribunal news for another day. What I’ll say right now, is it’s not great news, but I think it may not be as bad as some make out.

Shall we move on to resisting by existing? 😉 I loved my new top (Roman Originals, for a change), although while the new white jeans were not heading south (unlike the black pair they’ve replaced), I may need to take them in a bit. Ah, the joys of being a little bit between sizes! Given the floaty design of the top and the warm weather, unusually I decided to skip the corset to see how that might work.

Given the long summer evening, Val and I popped outside for a change of photo location. It felt good to be in the open air and to enjoy the space without a mask for a bit.

A rare outside shot.

In other news, the group had taken the plunge in buying one of those card machine gadgets. Thursday night was the first proper test and it seemed to go okay. While it knocks off a small percentage on each transaction, it does mean folk don’t have to remember to bring the right change on a night. So, it’s card, phone, or cash now. As the machine must be linked to our group bank account, and as the latter isn’t named after Chams for privacy reasons, this means the payment doesn’t list the name of the group. Otherwise, I would be a bit of a giveaway on your bank statement. 🙂

Going back to things heading south 🙂 as my years advance and my face… perhaps most kindly described as softening (re: hooded eyes and a descending change in lip shape), I’ve been researching makeup options on YouTube. Last night I decided to try both overlining my lips and not applying my lippy to each corner. I was happy with the result as it seemed to hide the fact that with lipstick on, my mouth seems to turn downwards. Not exactly a cheery look 😁

Still, you have to look at the bright side of things and make the most of what you have. Sure, I’ve got the typical thin upper lip that a lot of blokes seem to have, but at least with the right approach and cosmetics, I can change things when I want to. Genderfluid for the win 😉

L x


  1. Chams has an outside?! Who knew?

    Light summer evenings are to me the biggest blessing of all, light and warmth and prettier clothes. Nice top you have there.

    I’m impressed with Chams organisation, even having a card machine.

    I await news on whatever the industrial tribunal hearing may be. News from the UK rarely makes me happy these days.

    Sue x

    1. Yes, we have an outside but only so we can get to the stairs for a photo 😁 The community centre has a big sports pitch next to it and that seems to be a fair bit of use for footy, fêtes, and a space for the kids to run around on. At least, so I’m told given the pre COVID19 situation.

      The top was cool to wear – in terms of temperature at least – which was very welcome.

      The card machine was an idea from the year previous as to make it easier for folk to attend and reduce the risk around handling coins given the pandemic. Given a few of our local takeaways are using that company, I thought I’d ask and then check with the group. So far, so good.

      I’ll post about the tribunal thing on Wednesday. It could be worse, it could be better. 🙂

  2. That’s a really good pic Missus! Nice choice of outfit too! Glad you’re managing in the heat!

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