Earlier in the week and having saved up my pocket money especially, I thought I’d take a punt on buying another pair of shoes. I liked the look – good job, otherwise it would’ve been a daft purchase 🙂 – and felt confident, given a previous pair was both a lovely style and comfort. The latter two things are not often said about heels.

Thanks to the luck of a day on my own, I was able to wear them for more than five minutes and I think, they will now be going back. They are a little too short in the toe box 😟 So, even sat down, I could feel my big toe against the end of the shoe. If they’re not okay just sitting, a walk around town is not going to be on the cards.

But, and I think this comes to the point of today’s post. Did I buy them because of their look or for the look of the total package? 🤔

Looks or the lifestyle?

I felt these shoes would be spot on with jeans, a light top, and popping in to town for a coffee with friends. It’s clearly something I don’t do, but yet the idea remained. So it was that I thought back to Lauren Laverne’s observation on her wanting either yoga shoes or related outfit. On listening further to her on the radio, she added that had she been wanting the lifestyle that someone who wore those clothes, or the items directly? For the record – and if memory serves me correctly – it was having the life that gave her the time.

We come back to comparing ourselves to others and how that does not help us emotionally. Plus, to flip the question, do we know if others look at who we are and wish they could do the same? I feel it’s rare to find out and on the rare occasion when someone says that – I can think of one time only – it’s fascinating to hear what they assume your life is like. Please note I’m not judging them or bragging: only observing that things are frequently not as we think.

So, with life being too short for uncomfortable heels, they will go back and I shall purchase a different pair. I may even do that thinking that one day I will pop out for coffee. A girl can dream right? 🙂

L x

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