It’s been a while


This Thursday will be the first meeting for Chameleons this year. It’s been a long winter and the Easter Weekend’s snow seemed Nature’s last hurrah after lulling is into spring clothing the week before.

I do love the gap between the actual seasons and the marketing guff that powers the fashion industry. Sleeves reced and opaques vanish as it’s time to shift into the white and navy palettes…. as the hail batters the windows 😁 Nothing puts me in the mood to buy a summer dress than when it’s just above freezing 😛

However, there’s plenty of things to be mixed, matched, and mulled over before Thursday night. Casual or corporate? Dress or jeans? Heels or sandals? It’s all to play for. 🙂

Maybe one day my dressing room will be this fancy 🙂

It’ll be good to catch up with folk who I’ve not seen in a while. Sure, online meetings help fill a gap and while they’re convenient, they’re not quite the same as being in the room. Perhaps the difference between a sandwich and a meal. 😉

L x


  1. Looking forward to it, Lynn. After all this seclusion it feels not just like a meal but the all-you-can-eat buffet 😄. The way this weather is going it will be winter woollies, I think.

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