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It’s been a particularly good week at Chez Jones. Having the long Easter weekend off and an extra few days to make it a full week has been very pleasant. The kids needed time off after a full term. Although Wee Man’s A levels are not far off, bless him. Who’d be a teen again eh? 🙂

In the continuing Not Going Away of holidays, the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I have honed our local wanderings with the hounds, to six or so routes that can be extended subject to weather and our energy levels. We’re finding this keeps the variety going and stops walks becoming a plod, if that makes sense. That and knowing were the snickets and cut throughs go, helping us avoid walking along the roadside and conversation being lost to the traffic. This week I packed a flask and snacks which helped pep us up and we did enjoy a warming hot chocolate on the village green. So good to be able to stretch our legs, be out in nature, and not have to worry about being back for another meeting.

It was opaques and boots weather

In other good news – and taking about the better types of meeting 🙂 – it was the first meet up in the real world this year for Nottingham Chameleons. After the long gap between last night and early December, I was feeling a little nervous. Is walking in fancy shoes like riding a bike? Hmm. I was thinking more you don’t really forget, rather than don’t forget your helmet and bell. That’s just bonkers. 🙂

Part of the nerves is that we’ve relocated upstairs as the venue has had a makeover. The Centre Manager’s office is now downstairs, which replaced one of the rooms we’d rent. However, upstairs we have the whole floor and I’m hoping the meetings will feel a bit cosier than in the large hall that’s downstairs.

Our changing room is much closer and it’s much more brightly lit than the stairs. If Val and I can work out how to get the best in terms of light but no shadow, we may have found a new Hollywood Corner. I can’t say ‘red carpet’ because it’s grey. 🙂

I think everything went okay and it was really good to see old – and new friends – at the group. Maybe in a few weeks we’ll be able to push the boat out and have a cup of tea once again. And maybe, just maybe, a biscuit too. Just, not too many in my case 😉

L x


    1. Thank you, Susie. I hadn’t noticed the smile in the photo, I had – as per the usual ‘own critic’ – focused on the lighting.

      Perhaps it’s time to think on what went well, rather than looking for perfection 🙂

  1. That’s all good news. Glad you had a nice week off and, best of all, got Chamaeleons open for business again. Lovely outfit as always – you haven’t forgotten how it’s done!

    Good luck to Master Jones and his A-levels. My nephew is facing GCSEs and they seem to be really messed up this year. He’s more than frustrated about it. But he’s looking forward to better experience when he gets on to A-levels. I certainly preferred the upper echelons of education to the lower ones so I’m hoping that your youngster has profited well and goes on to greater things.

    Sue x

    1. It’s a welcome change to post good news given what we often get to read our see in mainstream media 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes to Wee Man and also around the outfit choice. There’s an easy guage on my uncertainty/nerves around Thursday: how many clothes go into the overnight bag 😁 However, it all seems to have come together, so best enjoy what you have.

      I hope your nephew does well in his exams too. So much pressure at a time when a lot of kids are finding out who they are. Wee Man said that he much preferred A levels as he could focus on the subjects he prefers and that the teachers treated the sixth form differently – more as growth ups. We’re hoping he’ll get the course he wants at university. He’s like his mum: a very smart cookie. ♥️

  2. With the weather improving (ignoring that little snow flurry) getting out for walks is more pleasant. I recently downloaded a phone app that analyses birdsong and identifies what what kind of birds I can hear on my weekly country walk

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