International Womens’ Day


Happy International Womens’ Day. 🌟

Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

International Womens’ Day website

The above is a selection of steps that we could take to help move things on and improve gender equality. Things we could do – whatever gender we are – to help and not just for today, but every day.

Excuse me, but Sarah was just saying….

That sounds great. Could you say more, Zahra?

I think Marie said that earlier this week. Marie, what’s your take on this?

Please, include and empower where you can. Hearing a new point of view can really spark innovation and there can be times when we’ve overlooked something. Not through malice or incompetence, but simply because we don’t know.

While we may not know, now might be a good time to learn. Let’s listen and do what we can together.

L x

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