In another month or so, I’ll be coming up to nearly a year of working from home. Perhaps I’ll put a candle on a small cake, make a wish that COVID19 will do one and that I’ll be able to carry on from home. I appreciate that for long term homeworkers, I’m very much a newbie. But, hey, we’re all n00bs at some point. 👍

I’ve blogged before on how well this setup suits me. No time wasted on commuting or walking between meetings, only to find there’s little that couldn’t have been done remotely and that’s there’s less time to do the tasks that need doing.

Other than those happy benefits, and that I’m quite a home body, one of the things I’ve loved about working from home is our two dogs. As much as there’s virtual company of the human sort on the computer screen, to have your doggo cuddle up to you while you type, is rather nice.

Obligatory clipart

Other than the company, there’s the slight risk of meeting bombing by them woofing in there sleep or the occasional silent but deadly emission. 🙂 All of those break up the day. Those and the magical clock that seems to exist within each hound, reminding them to wake up, shake noisily, and look hopeful as it’s nearly walk o’clock. At weekends, the hounds like a longish walk, so the Every Lovely Mrs J and I get to wander around and enjoy a chat. Conversely, the kids get time in the house to be loud and have some time away from us.

L x


  1. I’m glad to hear that homeworking has had a positive side for you. It certainly worked for me. I confess, though, that a year of Covid restrictions have recently started to get to me. Maybe I need a pet now, too. Sue x

    1. I think pets can be really good company. I know a few folk like cats and while we’ve had them in the past, I think we’re much more suited to having dogs.

      With a dog, you have to get out and walk them. Mrs J was saying that that nudge to get us out helps and we’re getting out more than when we were between pets. Dogs can also be an icebreaker in conversation to (socially distanced) folk in the street, which is cool. Plus, some hounds are happy to snuggle up next to you when working. There’s a fair few doggos in rescue centres, so that can help bypass the difficult puppy years.

      I hope things start to improve for you. COVID19 is dragging on a bit, but hang on in there, Mrs ❤️

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