Between one thing and another


It’s half term this week. For some reason, the counties around us run them at slightly different times. I don’t know if it’s to give kids’ clubs space to cope, or just longer for holiday parks to put their prices up for longer 😛

Although we won’t be traveling, I think we’re all ready at Chez Jones for a break from school and work. While the lack of a commute and the school run means we can all get up a little later, I think we’ll enjoy mixing up the routine to cook, walk the dogs, and maybe watch a film in the afternoon.

With the lack of travel, it’s easier to keep my pins smooth, although I find wry amusement in the fact that Chams is still closed..I think you could argue cynically, why bother? But I think the truth is behind this way makes me feel okay with who I am. I feel this is how I should look. It’s not so much s pleasure – epilation stings a little 😉 – as dispelling the feelings of wrongness that brings a better outlook.

A skirt I never quite got the hang of

Maybe with a bit of luck, the Centre will reopen and there’ll be time again to meet with friends before it’s time to regrow then cover up. As much as I love the look of snow and a walk in the crisp air, I think I’d like a walk in spring styles. Just to mix things up a little.

L x


  1. Connecting with our femme side in whatever way (clothing, nails, hair, body care, etc) is that touchstone we need to help make us feel ‘right’ when we cannot express ourselves fully. It doesn’t matter if we can’t see the effect, it’s the knowledge that we have something feminine about us that counts.

    Nice legs, hon. I hear your local high-kicking dance troupe, Nottingham Cartwheeleons, is recruiting after lockdown. I’ve put your name forward.

    Sue x

    1. “… It doesn’t matter if we can’t see the effect…”

      Very much that, Sue. It’s that feeling of your body looking as you think it should be. Not the cliché of a woman trapped, but as someone somewhere in the middle, having my legs right or my toenails pretty all helps.

      Oh, and thanks for the recommendation on the high kicking troupe. I’ve switched to Mary Jane heels after the fifteenth greenhouse insurance claim 😁

        1. Better light for selfies? 😉

          I was thinking more that on a good high kick, one must be careful not to put a shoe into orbit. 😁 Hence the risk to nearby greenhouses.

        2. LOL. Fair enough. If you were dancing in your own greenhouse, maybe to classical Bark or the latest Heavy Petal, the neighbours might think you’d gone potty, but I’d still be rooting for you. Sue x

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