It’s a somewhat late post as I fell asleep on the sofa. That magical I’ll just have forty winks that turns into forty minutes. 🙂

As I nodded off, I found myself thinking on what might it be like to have had my nails done. Or, perhaps more accurately, what happens if, hypothetically, I started to drift into a more mixed appearance. To see my fingers a little fancier than they are now?

Given its very much long trouser weather – and indeed occasionally thermals too – keeping my legs hair free has been a blessing. It’s not like I’m dressing at all or even undressing, but having my body appear as I feel it should makes a big difference to feeling okay.

I remember watching a documentary hosted by Grayson Perry – as I find his discussions of society fascinating and thought provoking – and he was very much in bloke mode. Yet, as he crafted a piece of art, I noticed his pink nails.

I don’t yearn or need to have my nails done. It was more the thought at what point does someone start to mix things up? Where does that take you? Well, other than the manicurist when they’re allowed to open. 😉

L x


  1. The thing is, if you underdress as they call it, regularly is that underdressing? I wear knickers all the time, I do not do men pants, Ugh!! I usually wear tights, ok under ‘boy’ clothes, but if I do it all the time is that underdressing or just normal attire? This is more about perception, in my opinion than anything else. Ok you may not have long pink finger nails, but I bet your nails are much neater than the average male! As I see it, it’s not about ‘mixing it up’ it’s more about me being me. I shave my arms and legs all the time, ok I admit my legs very early see the light of day in male mode, but my arms certainly do and nobody bothers at all. So if you feel the need to have a bit of work done on your nails I would say, go for it!!

    1. I’ve done my toenails in the past, however with a young family being up and about, needing to keep socks on becomes a little tiresome, IMO.

      My nails are probably a little longer than ‘male standard’ 🙂 but I try to keep them neat and certainly clean.

      I did keep my arms smooth a few years back and no one said anything. If they noticed, I’ve no idea. I stopped as our eldest was becoming a teen as I thought I didn’t want to embarrass him nor risk being outed on it, if he compared arm hair…. which he did a few months after I stopped.

      I don’t tend to wear tights unless I’m in Lynn mode. Well, unless it’s very cold then they do help to keep you warm.

  2. Nails are important. They’re the one bit of our body that we ourselves can see, especially with all this keyboard and touchscreen time we have nowadays. Nails don’t need to be painted to be feminine. Just keeping them longer and neater than men do is usually enough to give a TGirl a contented sense that she’s tapping into her femininity. Keep a good file with you at all times and deal with any little imperfections as they arise. Even that gesture is an affirmation of one’s femininity. Sue x

  3. Very true. I got my nails done before Xmas and with lockdown, kept them that way until new year. There’s a thrill to it whenever I’m using my hands (toes are still done!)… And I get why so many ladies who don’t bother with makeup or clothes much, do so with nails, bags, shoes and hair – imho these items don’t betray you when you gain weight too!
    I love your point about caring for nails being femme fun too.
    Perhaps try ‘leaving the paint on’ after Halloween or going for a metal/goth/cyber masc look – black is almost normal in male mode. I’ve also clear coated mine or matte nude you can get away with on video calls!

    Check out r/malepolish

    1. Good to hear your positive story on your nails, Andie. I’ll have another look at the Reddit thread. I’ve seen a few men with beautifully done nails the user before last. One fellow was rocking a fine shirt and waistcoat look – sort of gentleman about town (not in a farty way) – and happened to have dark green nail varnish.

      Your point about shoes, nails, and bags: yes, they do survive any body changes and I think I understand that too. Plus, having your nails all fancy, as Sue said, you see them and can enjoy them looking good. Likewise, with a good pair of shoes, they can be cool, comfortable, and are unlike another top, skirt, or trousers.

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