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A long time ago I used ride a motorbike to work. Due to a bti of bad luck, the bike engine packed up, so it was time to call the breakdown line. Cue a wait for the repair truck to turn up and while the operative did their best, not everything can be fixed by the roadside.

I got a lift home in the truck as part of the service. As we trundled through the rushhour traffic, we were cut up by a car driver, the mechanic sighed gently. It was in that world weary tone that begats frequent wisdom, he said: “I think everyone who drives car should cycle, ride a motorbike, or drive a bus, just so they know what it’s like.”

If, from a hypothetical view, Another You Experience classes were a thing, might they change things? Would somehow spending time – virtually speaking – in another person’s shoes help folk see what is like?

What might it be like to wander along the high street, day and night, except as a different gender, different age, and/or different ethnicity to yourself? Would it open someone’s eyes? What might it feel like to have people look at you because you stand out? Your hair is different, your skin tone not like theres, they creepily check you out, they look at you in fear, etc.

Is virtual not enough? Would it help if more of us knew the difficulties of heels, the stuffiness of a tie, or the too much warmth of a headscarf?

If such a system existed, what dear reader, would you like to experience a brief Day in the Life of and why?

BTW, if anyone would rather let me know anonymously, there’s the Get in Touch option here. I may use your comment, but I won’t use your name. 🙂

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  1. For purely cynical reasons, I would like to experience a day as a “celebrity” or a Tory MP.

    The former because I want to know how true reports of “it’s not the easy ride it seems” are. The latter because I want to see where the disconnect is between what they do, and why they say they do it.

    1. I wonder if the celeb route is a lot of hard work, waiting, and dealing with being public property.

      The MP situation feels different given the mindset and background at work.

  2. a day as an ‘A’list celeb or the more common or garden ‘Z’list winner of a TV (television)reality show?
    and why just a tory MP?
    Most of them seem to be at it, and very little of what they demand of us applies to them.

    1. Hmm. I think personal politics plays into things very heavily, however I think there are a number of MPs who are trying to do the right thing. While there are some shysters, they’re not all like that.

      Ooo, a Z List celeb, that might be quite grounding 😁 “Didn’t you used to be so-and-so off the telly?” 😉

  3. As a not very good amateur musician, I think I would like to experience that state that really good players sometimes report as ‘being in the zone’ when you stop thinking about what you are playing and the music takes over and plays through you. It sounds sublime, almost a Zen-like state of feeling but not thinking. I suspect it’s not just limited to music, and there are other areas where practitioners report a similar state.

    I’m not religious, but sometimes I wonder how it must feel to a true believer in the middle of a service or mass.

    1. Yes, to have a certain level of ability where it’s more about where you might go, rather than concentrating on the actual doing. Although, I feel we’re getting into I Know Kung Fu sci-fi territory (or skill chips of anyone’s following Cyberpunk 2077’s RPG background 🙂).

      I’ve not musical talent other than maybe a sense of rhythm and love of dancing, but I think I’ve felt that Zen like zone while writing, coding, painting, or even baking. It felt like a disconnection from the self and the world, feeling that I was simply doing, lost in the fun of the activity. Rather good when it happens.

        1. Ha ha! 😁 I imagine it would be a very quiet show. Maybe subtle music at the start and then possibly almost no talking. Well, apart from the intro and ending, as the person gets into their zone.

          Oh, assuming days person goes into their zone through reflection and concentration, not chatting on. 😉

          I wonder if such virtually silent productions might be as beautifully meditative as Bob Ross painting?

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