Our last one of the year


Chameleons had the last meeting of 2020 the other day. Back in 2019, I’d thought it was going to be a party evening with plenty of friends, nibbles, music, and memories. Then along came COVID19 😁 Ah, life, eh? You have to make the best of what you have. Our Xmas Do was more a friendly chat, but better something rather than nothing. Besides, I think friends can help make the everyday special.

We have survived as a group. We’ve branched out into the online world a little more, with both forum traffic being up, and a few folk giving our eMeetings a spin in between the regular real world meet ups.

Last night was a quiet affair given the number of folk needing to self isolate. But, and IMHO, better to meet up and see friends than not at all. Plus, Chams HQ is having somewhat of a winter makeover. With non-support groups unable to meet, it’s given the Centre staff the option to renovate the venue and meet the needs of the hirers. Being asked what would help the group by the site manager was really touching. The staff have really been good to us this year.

Previously, Chams would meet in the main room downstairs and have then the option to use the bar area as overspill. Nor that it has a bar, I should add: just a breakfast bar style situation. On a busy night, we’d be okay in the main room, however on quieter nights, you could feel quite lost in such a big space.

So, having been very kindly involved in the design of the new rooms upstairs, we’re moving. Last night was our chance to try something different and it was certainly warmer (bonus!). Despite padding, shapewear, and a wig, women’s clothes do not seen to hold the heat compared to my bloke materials. That, or as they say around here, I’m a bit nesh 😁

Enjoying the moment

With the upstairs just for us, we’ve now got a dedicated meeting area, kitchenette (although no kettle as yet), a new changing room, and a unisex bathroom with fancy illuminated mirrors. If the heating had been on in their, if have tried that last night.

So it was that Val, Cara, myself, and a new member – Gina – chatted the evening away in the new room. Like any changes, I think there’s a bit of time needed to take in what’s new and let go of the old. It’s not a fait accompli, so if things don’t work out for the group, we’ve got choices still.

Given the new lighting, it seemed rude not to stop for a photo in the new room 😉

Just a case of updating the group’s website with the new dates for the new year.

On a personal note, looking back since we started to meet again, it’s really helped keep me feeling okay. Also having my legs as I feel they should be (not hairy) has kept me feeling like myself: that this is right for me. Listening to a member last night, being okay with who you are can help you be okay when in bloke mode or if things aren’t quite going your way. Not having to put up with your body looking wrong is worth so much. Contentment is a good thing, IMHO.

L x


  1. I’m glad Chams has managed to keep going in this awful year. Life will pick up and then I hope you can go from strength to strength.

    Also, I approve that dress. Well, I have one that’s near identical, which can only be an endorsement of your excellent taste 😉 Just hope we don’t turn up on the same night in identical frocks… oh dear me, that would be a disaster! (You’d have to go home and change.)

    Sue x

    1. That we’ve been able to meet for dinner if the year has been a life line. Oddly, during the early part of lockdown, while I missed friends at the group, somehow my femme elements switched to a different focus. That’s not quite the right phrase, but I’m struggling a bit too explain. I suppose that was a good thing, because there was nothing I could do about it. Perhaps that switch off was a blessing in disguise.

      Good to know the dress gets the official Sue Stamp. Mind you, I do take a backup outfit to Chams. At least that avoids either of us shouting “There can only be one!” That may be an 80s film reference too far 😁

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