The other day I was at work COVID19 style. As in, I was in the living room with the laptop propped up on an impromptu high ‘desk’ (a shelf 🙂 ), while I sat on a large yoga ball. Seriously, so much more comfortable than an office chair or the sofa, plus the sight frisson of danger that you may roll backwards and legs up in a most undignified way. 🙂

From my office perch I have a good view out to the garden and being in an old house in the sticks, there’s a lot of greenery. The autumn sun was bright enough to bring a cool blue to the sky and light up the remaining leaves on the apple trees. I found myself thinking back to earlier this year when lockdown preparations were underway and then, a lot of us were working from home.

Time seems to have passed strangely this year. The routine of school, work, walk, lunch, work, tea, relax, and then bed seems to have blended the days and weeks into a vagueness. While Monday appears a little too quickly at times, the actual months are skipping by. Not that that’s not been good things happening – birthdays, the awesomeness of small happenings, random acts of kindness, Chams meetings starting up again, etc. For others who’ve not been able to work during the lockdown periods, they’ve had time on their hands.

I think the impact on lockdowns is a mixed bag. Some people – like me – are loving working from home, but not everyone can do that or like it. We are all different. Some poor souls are out of work or are at risk of unemployment as our world changes. No pub visits, less clothing purchases, and no need to pop out for a lunchtime snack. It’s not an easy time for many and that’s without the worry of falling ill.

Lockdowns have been tough on trans folk too as meetings have been cut back until recently, people have had time to dwell on things, we can’t get out and be ‘all of ourselves’, and if folk have been dressing at home to keep safe, that can be difficult due to video calls or being at home with your family. Having those support or coping methods removed can have significant impact on a person. With all of that and the reminder that life can be fragile, I wonder if the COVID19 situation might prompt closeted trans folk to take a step out.

I’m incredibly grateful that our local experts, venue staff, and Chams members have worked hard on keeping the venue open and group going. Not just for me, but for those who need a safe space to be themselves and feel okay about who they are. The virtual meetings in-between sessions help as well and they bring in different attendees. Due to health reasons, not everyone can attend Thursdays in person, so giving a route to let folk feel part of something seems a good idea. I’m wondering about keeping the e-meetings running long term. It’s a good way to keep in touch.

Talking of Thursdays, I was out at Chams and managed an early pass due to careful dinner arrangement. Despite last time’s fail on applyin false eyelashes, this time I’d been reading up. It seems perseverance and practice – with a sprinkle of the right glue and some dumb luck 😉- all paid off. I did have a slight issue removing my mask at the end of the night, as somehow I’d threaded the cord through my earring. Ah, there’s no hope for some eh? 😉 Oh, a note of thanks to Val as I’d left my camera at home, so the snap is via Val’s camera.

The upstairs room isn’t quite ready yet, although it’s coming along nicely and when we’re ready to move in, I think it’ll be interesting to see how this works for us. I’m hoping it’ll go well and perhaps having the kitchen in with the room, we won’t be split up as we often are. Well, in normal years that is. Not that there’s been much normal about 2020. 😁

L x


  1. Lynn, may I start with some free and sincere feedback. Your picture in this post is just lovely; outfit, hair, makeup, all very becoming and maybe the nicest pic you’ve posted.
    And the mask dates it as 2020!
    A year from hell but I agree with you there have been some upsides. I am interested to see if it has given us all enough of a reset to consider improving much of what we until now considered as compulsory behaviour. Commuting, long hours of unpaid overtime in an office, poor work, family, life balance and on and on.
    It takes an iceberg moment to tear the side out of our boat to make us blink
    and realise much of what we do is destructive to us all.
    Stay safe and pretty and plan for ways to fix the boat so it is gentler for all of us to sail forth in.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Geraldine. That’s very kind of you. Sometimes things like outfit choice, photo, makeup, lighting,, and pose all align somehow. I don’t know what that magic is, but I do enjoy it when it does. 🙂

    I am concerned that there will be factions at work to make us go back to the old ways. A figure that shocked me was 1% of people take 50% of the flights. On sharing this with the Ever Lovely Mrs J, she nodded and mentioned a few reps who did that. Then there’s the car travel we all do that adds to the greenhouse gas issue. As a species, we need to get our act together on tackling climate change.

    From a personal point of view, not being in the office has been liberating and I don’t mind the sightly longer hours. However, I don’t feel people should be pressured into doing them and I am aware not everyone likes this new way. Although managers with a presenteeist hangup can jog on 😛

  3. A very weird year indeed and a very mixed bag of emotions, realities and possibilities. On balance, I think you and I have benefited more than lost from lockdowns, but I feel very upset for the many who have been made redundant, felt isolated, or been shut in with violent relatives. And for the TGirls and TBoys who haven’t been able to find space and time for themselves. We will see the end of this and I hope it will be soon.
    Glad to hear Chams is functioning and to see that you keeping up your high standards in style.
    Geraldine’s excellent comment says everything else I might wish to say.
    Sue x

    1. As a friend at work said: “there are winners and losers in every system”. Perhaps true for the lockdown situation too.

      I’m hearing that we’re likely to continue to work remotely (when possible) until April 2021. It’s not going to be an easy Xmas or winter for some folk, bless ’em

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