20th November: TDoR


The 20th November marks the Transgender Day of Remembrance. A day in which we pause to remember those we’ve lost to violence and to raise awareness to help stop it.

If you are an ally or in the closet, you can speak out when you hear bigotry. Challenge politely when you can. When faced with a bigoted joke, ask the teller to explain it, for a gag exposed to reason is rarely funny. You can push back against political decisions to give a voice of Inclusion and equality, not one of division and hatred. The opening with a kind in my experience… for lived stories engage and are difficult to argue with, if that’s how it’s been for you.

If you are somewhere on the Trans spectrum: keep on being you. When you challenge cruelty, when you are in public, when you share who you are: all of these things help. They make us part of the everyday and show others we are not to be feared or persecuted. We are people.

For every one of us lost to cruelty, more of us will come. Some of us are visible, loud, and have power. Others are are quiet, getting by, and doing what they can. The next generation doesn’t care for labels and binaries: change is coming and they will define that.

We exist and we are valid. We will not be silenced and we will not be ignored. Trans rights are human rights.

L x


    1. Thanks Sue. Listening to our two teens, it seems most of their peers are very blasé about gender and sexuality. For them, it’s just not as issue and I am hopeful this acceptance will continue into society as they leave school.

    1. Good to hear about the next generation’s attitude, M.

      Part of me wonders if that’s why certain bigots are so cross: that they know they’re on the wrong side of history.

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