Is the grass greener?


About a year or so ago, I switched from Blogger to a new blog platform. From a blogging point of view – hell, I’m not going to go anywhere near trying to make sense of 2020! 😁 It feels like we’re in the final round of Sim Earth: Turn it up to 11 😛 – it’s been a learning curve. A good one, however.

I think I’ve mostly got my head around the posting and formatting. I’m not quite there with getting images to layout properly, but perhaps that’ll be the next step up. Commenting is certainly different, but perhaps coming from Blogger’s partially walled garden, I’d had an easy ride. The introduction of the obligatory I’m not a robot check helps stop junk comments at the door. That feels an improvement over them getting in to the spam bin and needing to empty that now and then.

The old YATGB site remains as a way to forward folk to here and it also holds a copy of this site’s RSS feed. If I closed that old blog, I think this site would drop off a fair few sites. If anyone does have a link to the old, please do update your system to look here. 🙂

Trip trap, trip trap

So, is the grass greener on the other side? I think it depends on what you want to get out of blogging. On the upside, so long as I pay the bill, the site will keep on trucking. The variety of themes and plugins – both paid for and free – means you can solve most needs fairly simply. I guess the rub is you have to do the legwork, whereas with platforms where you’re using a mostly premade system, you get what the company provides. I don’t say that as a bad thing: sometimes easy is what you need. You can concentrate on creating and leave the technical faffery to someone else. I guess my worry was how much my old blog was dependent on my Google ID and I’ve had some issues with that account. Those issues may be worry that all those years of writing would be lost. If you care for something, should you do more to protect it?

The aspects of creating content, feeling I have an outlet, and the geekery of making the site run are certainly part of the interest. I’ve said before that hearing from other trans folk (as well as partners/parents) is great as it brings us together. I feel that’s a good thing, as it seems various forces in the world seek to divide us. Plus if we can support each other, isn’t that a good thing?

I know reading other blogs has helped me. Not just the Trans stuff, but style advice, makeup, and -although they can be quite rare – the point of view from parents or partners. I think the latter two help round the story out. Certainly a different narrative of we can work this compared to some of the negativity you hear via social media.

There’s also the feeling of gratitude. The process of writing about things I’ve had the good fortune to have in my life. I absolutely do not say this as a brag or oneupmanship. There’s good things to found in everyday. A cynic might argue that it’s small stuff, and perhaps they’re right. But to remember the shared laughter of family, friends at Chams, the sound of your new heels, getting your lippy sorted, or the simple joy of the outdoors; they may not be much in the great scheme of things, but they are all happy little moments.

Maybe that’s all this blog is, a series of little moments and I’m okay with that. I just hope that there’s more of the good and less of the bad. So, yeah, maybe the grass is greener when you look at it in the right light. ❤️

L x

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