Due to a small and welcome windfall, I bought a new dress and heels this week. The shoes were a small eight so they will have to go back. That’s what I’m trying myself, rather than saying a wide nine may have been a wiser choice. Still, no need to worry about car parking, just a trip to the Post Office and they’ll go back without fuss.

I am hoping that somehow, all will be well with a Thursday night out. It seems an age since I dressed and I am slightly nervous on the organisation of the night. That and, will I remember how to do my makeup or style my hair? Maybe that’s just the nerves talking. I am not worried, just a little fretful hoping that the evening will go well for all of us. It seems so long since I’ve been out in the world. Still, Big Girl Pants on, slide on the mask, careful of the lippy, and best for forward.

L x


  1. Dressing and makeup are like riding a bike – once you’ve learnt (and had a few small slip-ups along the way) you never really forget. You and your girls will be fine and will, I’m sure, be glad to see each other. Good luck with the Covid restrictions. Let us know how it went. Sue x

    1. Indeed. Make sure your seat is adjusted and don’t forget to oil the chain before setting off 😉

      Dad jokes aside, other than having to rummage around in my makeup bag for things, I think it all went rather well.

  2. As it’s Thursday night when I am typing this it’s a bit late to wish you good luck for this evening, instead I am going to say I hope you had a great night, that everything went well, you didn’t forget how to put on your makeup and you feel great!! It’s marvellous that your group can get back together, even with social distancing requirements, being girls together is a lovely feeling………….

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