Little wins to big changes


A few months back I took the plunge and subscribed to a newspaper. Well, I say paper, it’s all very digital these days isn’t. Yes, I figured slowly back into the edges of things rather than be wholly out of the loop. Particularly as with the app, I can flick by (or block) opinion pieces and see less of the more… triggering articles and headlines.

Today, this popped up about a ruling on an equality case. The judge – and I would recommend a full read before reading my twaddle 😉 – stated that gender was a spectrum and that they, the person in question, should be protected by the 2010 Equality Act. I felt this was rather good news for genderfluid and non-binary people.

Talking to a friend who works in HR, I thought it was interesting to hear her talk about the mixed messages they’d received over the years. Talk about how a person had to be on a medical route, then to protection if they were thinking about it, etc. I guess it takes something like this to go to court to test the system and produce such rulings. I’m not a lawyer or employment specialist, so I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

It seems a little like there are lots of small steps towards a brighter future. I felt the closing statement of the company accused was supportive and apologetic. But, I read The Guardian, so won’t I be on the side who dislike discrimination? 😉

I may walk and talk with privilege, but I’ve had a glimpse of the other side and heard those who don’t enjoy what I have as someone passing as middle class white bloke.

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