Hot and cold


Crikey, it’s Wednesday already. I hope the half week has been kind to you.

I’m conscious of the old advice that no good story starts off talking about the weather. But… 😉 We had a brief hot spell due to air from the tropics visiting our western European climes, but we’re now back to jeans and boots weather. On that note of the turning off the weather, so too does the Trans situation seem to be warming back up.

With the shorts packed away until next year, I’ve plumbed to reach for the epilator and bring the old Wookie pins towards their should-be appearance. Well, IMO. 🤔 My jeans move differently against my skin and I’m reminded that – as someone in the middle around gender – the little things can make all the difference.

Meanwhile, some time last year

Following a conversation with our venue owner and the local council, we back on to meet regularly at Chameleons HQ. Yes, the risk assessment came back to give us the go ahead to reopen. We will be wearing masks and keeping a distance, but we will at least be a group again. I know it’s been a long time for some of the members and I hope this week give them the safe space they need.

Now, where did I put my new dress? 🤔

L x


  1. Glad to hear things are back on for you and Chams! I got to see some friends recently (masked and socially distanced) and it did my mental health a world of good

    1. Excellent news on you being able to catch with friends. That does indeed make all the difference.

      Hearing from some of our members last time, it was clear that the company and the time spent at Chams HQ really really is vital. I think it’s one thing to say we’re a social and support group, but it’s quite another to hear someone say to you just how important the support means to them.

    1. Masks and the gap: well, better that than no meeting at all, Sue. I see a few more northern counties in the UK have taken stronger stances as their infection rates climb. I’m hoping we will be okay for a time as having a place to meet others like us really helps.

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