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There are times when I come to write something, that it feels like driving in fog. A glimpse through the mist on what I was looking for, only for it to slip from view, appearing only when I stop looking. But, maybe it’s my age 😉

This weekend gone the Jones Crew had the pleasure of not just a day out, but a meal in a restaurant. I know, I almost say it in a hushed tone. 😁 A country pub miles from anywhere and while not a usual haunt, certainly a place we’ve enjoyed in the past.

With social distancing in place, there were slightly less tables available, but we know it can get busy, so booking was always advisable. With the months of lockdown, it felt good to enjoy not only a pint, but the novelty of it all too.

As I paid the bill and we got ready to leave, I looked at the layout and wondered: if this place can open, and it’s not too soon, could we do the same for Chameleons? The group seem cautious – and rightly so – so perhaps September is on the cards. Well, assuming the Second Wave doesn’t kick in if we go back to work too soon.

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  1. In Australia we were congratulating ourselves on how well we had done with the pandemic with only 100 deaths in a population of 25 million.
    This changed quickly for us.
    In the last two weeks one of our states is back into severe lockdown. New South Wales may be following and we are all jittery.
    I wish you all well but any outing or decision has risk and we must all make the decision on whether it is worth it. And not going out occasionally is difficult so decisions are multifaceted.
    I hope we can all say in 12 or 18months time that we survived this. I hope.

    1. Yes, it’s not great for a lot of places is it. I do hope you’re keeping safe and well.

      Just down the road from us, Leicester has been put under lockdown due to a surge in infections.

      There’s the politicalisation of mask wearing – or not – and the impact that’s having.

      As much as August seems tempting, I think caution is the watchword and September may be a better choice. It does all depend on the group’s view.

  2. I went out with two friends for a meal and drinks a couple of weeks ago, it was great to be out in good company and we all had a really lovely girly night out. I think it’s important to get out there as my real self and enjoy life, there are just so many benefits. But of course we have to be sensible, social distancing, hand cleansing etc is still very important and will hopefully keep us all safe. But complacency is the dangerous thing, when people get complacent they forget and the safeguards we are now all used to disappear. So if you can get out for a meal or a drink then you should, provided everyone keeps to the rules, this is important not only for our own wellbeing but also for the economy as a whole. But if we become complacent it will risk the health of many of us……..

    1. Yes, taking care is so important. Not just for ourselves, but ensuring we don’t put others at risk too.

      Your girls night out sounds ace. Other than nights out at Chams, I think the most recent outing was a cup of tea with Val 😁

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