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Tonight will be a short post because… I’m just knackered. 😁 I’ve had a run of long days and today is my first day off since… quite possibly February. That does seem a bit too much of a gap, so managing to align work diaries with the Ever Lovely Mrs J, we’re having a long weekend.

We decided to take it easy with opting for a walk in the local forest. There’s something about the quality of the light, being in nature, and not hearing the drone of cars, but of distant birdsong. All of that helps recharge the proverbial batteries. Mind you, so did the afternoon nap afterwards 😉

L x


  1. Sounds like a break has been long overdue. Enjoy your long weekend Lynn.

    Nothing beats a walk on the wild side with lots of fresh air, greenery and the soothing sounds of just nature.

    1. It was beautiful, thanks Charlotte. Such a mix of trees, scents, and the gentle shift between forest, woodland, and heath.

      A particular joy is when the canopy merges above and the light falls through the leaves in so many colours.

  2. Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy life…………….

    Have a lovely weekend…………

  3. Beautiful. I love the dappled effect of the sunlight on the path. So grateful there there are similar places not too far from me that I can escape to.

    1. Indeed. It was still in the county, but not on the doorstep. Living out in the sticks might mean an all but nonexistent bus service, but the scenery and surroundings are incredible.

  4. You’ve not had a day off in six months! I know it’s been weird times with work and home being intertwined, but never neglect leisure time and vital breaks from the routine. Sermon over. I hope you had a lovely quiet weekend. Sue x

    1. I had some time away from work through Easter and May bank holidays and we had a bonus day off due to our COVID19 activities, so not all bad.

      However, I’d not taken any holiday. I’m glad I did, although I did have some motivational issues the week after 😁

      Since then, I’ve booked a week at the end of the summer break and also October half term. If there’s any time left, that’ll give a longer Christmas with a bit of luck.

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