Creatures of the Night


I don’t know if it’s something we’ve learned, a habit, a biological quirk, or a mix of the previous, but I think I can safely say the Jones family are night owls. Obviously, not in a literal sense given our swooping and hooting skills are seriously under spec 😁

But, given a choice around waking up or being off work/school, and we gravitate towards longer evenings and shorter mornings. I’ve heard people say ‘oh, you miss the best part of the day’. For some that maybe true, but getting up with the lark is not my bag.

One of the good things about the working from home situation is avoiding the morning rush. No longer do we need to rise at seven to walk the dogs, prep food, rouse the kids, and join the commuting hoarde.

Instead, it’s a much more sedate start to the day and as long as we’re up and online by nine – there’s a rhyme 😁 – we’re sorted. There’s still time to sort out breakfast, but now there’s time to enjoy it. Plus, a midday walk with the hounds refreshes body, mind, and soul.

With no commute home, I find I can keep on top of my chores more easily (clothes washing and dishwasher). I think I also have more energy, so staying up is easier and a midnight bedtime suits me just fine.

Although it’ll be a while, we’re are by the longest day and we’ll be moving into those beautiful autumn evenings and eventually into the magic of longer nights. As much as I love the feelings of warm sunlight and a cool breeze, there’s something special about after dark. Maybe it’s the timelessness of it, that’s there’s no work (hello night out, gaming, watching a film, enjoying a bath, etc), or that the darkness suggests the comfort of settling in.

L x

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