Ah, the end of another week and an evening of promise as we slide into the weekend. Hello Friday, you wee minx.

Last year the Ever Lovely Mrs J signed the Jones Crew up to a streaming service. I swing in and out when it comes to music. A long orbit that sees me move between the void of silence, to a deep dive through the variety of noise and sound that is modern and old.

There are certain tunes that run through me. Music that makes me want to get up and move. To feel the energy held within and to get up, dance, and be lost in the freedom of just enjoying. The way the growling roll of low guitar makes you prowl, to the stuttering jolt of electro, or leaning in to pop’s high kitch.

As a nearly 50 something bloke, my opportunities are limited. Occasional weddings, although I’m conscious that Mrs J and I must be like all parents: embarrassing to our children. Was it ever thus? 😁

But, if I worried what others thought, like getting out in Lynn mode, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, and step out.

Perhaps when it’s safe to meet up again, there will be chance for a spot of dancing on Thursday. Something to look forward to.

L x


  1. Have a nice weekend, Lynn.

    I always took you as someone who really liked dancing, and the emotional and physical release of it. Hope you’re able to get back to meetings and dancing soon.

    Sue x

    1. Sue– Indeed. I’m not one for running or swimming. A good walk, yes, but the joys of dancing? Ah, now we’re talking.

      Susie – I think if I worried about that, I’d not go.

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