One of the things you have to do as blogger, is empty out the spam bin. The refuse and dregs. I’m hoping that the business is all a scam I mean, is there an office someplace in the sketchy part of town? Badly lit and wedged between a takeaway that lives in fear of a health visit, and an unknown shop hidden behind a graffitied cheap steel shutter.

Imagine going in and taking a look at the special offers. Hey, look at this. They’re offering to put a million plus emails out… Oh, uh… The small print says that the AI systems will stop most and… Wait is this right? If my message does get through, it might be to someone who doesn’t live in the same country as me, or may not speak my language. Do you think we might get more value for money just putting leaflets under windscreen wipers or posting an ad in the local library? 😛

I know back when the forum for Chams was on free hosting, we’d occasionally get spammed by someone selling kitchens. I know, rock and roll right? A full on company somewhere in Manchester. Of course, we’d clean up the mess, block the accounts, and hope the security updates would work.

Oddly, and perhaps I’m just being mean spirited, even when I was looking to replace the kitchen, I didn’t give them a ring. 😁

Maybe we should’ve turned the tables? Why not get a group of us from Thursday night and give the kitchen company a call.

Hi, yeah, thanks for taking my call I was wondering if you’d like to join our trans support group? We can be there for all your gender questions. Plus we’re torally a safe space. We meet about two hours from you and you post in our forum so much, we kinda wondered if you were trying to reach out to us? Super cryptic like? We don’t judge. No? Can’t interest you? Oh, this is the 39th call you’ve had this morning? …. Well, I guess we could stop calling you, I mean, just stop posting in our forum. 😁

Ah, but it’s a strange world and maybe there is enough folk who do click the link for that one pill that does it all. I know through work that when there’s a phishing attack – “You must confirm your password or IT will delete your data…” – people do fall for them. To be fair to those who do, some phishing emails are very sophisticated in appearance.

Despite my earlier silliness, there are things you can do to protect yourself. If you’ve not already done so, take a look at setting up multi factor authentication. It may sound daunting, but if you can use a smartphone to check your mail, you can – and probably should – set this up. It’ll cost you nothing but a little time and if you shop online, it might help save you money too.

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  1. In one former life I dealt with card customers who lost money falling for an offer that was too good to be true online. My spam tends to be on the same few posts I wrote years ago with dubious links and references to little blue pills. No kitchens though.

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