Brief Moments

Hi folks,

Two quick shout outs today. Firstly, congratulations to Lucy on reaching their thirteenth blogging anniversary. Well done indeed! 👍 Also a nod of thanks to Calie and co over at T-Central for their continued work in bringing that big old blog list. Finding a post pointing back to this little old blog, well, it raised a smile and made me think of the good work that’s done over at T Central HQ.

In other news, I ordered a dress last week. I think it’s my first purchase since lockdown began. I happened to be looking online and my dear wife, the Ever Lovely Mrs J, asked what I was up to. I have a thinking face and I doubt I will ever play poker with Mrs J. Perhaps me not knowing the rules doesn’t help, but that’s by the by 😁

This morning there was a brief moment to unwrap said item and despite shapewear, padding, et al, I had a very brief try on. There was none of the tired media myths of swooning at the sight of it. Nor any of the seedier nonsense peddled by bigots.

Instead. I looked at it and thought how lucky I was. I was glad of my wife’s suggestion. Glad to have had a brief moment and knowing that I’ll look forward to wearing it on a night out. Maybe, with a little more luck, that’ll be as the weather cools and the COVID19 risk lessens. If not, a shall team it with a cute cardie and enjoy Autumn.

L x


  1. Pretty dress. Very Lynn. Look forward to seeing it modelled by you in due course.

    Good to see you on TCentral again. Thanks to Calie for maintaining a good resource.

    Sue x

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