The walk, not the line


How’s your week going? Nearly Friday. Chin up, chuck 🙂

The other day I was sat having my lunch. Two sarnies, some hummus with celery, and a cold drink. The sun was warm and Hound 1 was sat next to me in the sofa, hoping I’d slip him a bit of sarnie. I didn’t, as bread doesn’t agree with him.

I started to think of the things I needed to do in the afternoon and maybe I could look for some new headphones while I ate….

But, I stopped and did none of those things.

Why rush lunch? Why snaffle my lunch when I had no meetings until 2pm? Why did I feel the need to be looking for things I didn’t really need?

I left the phone on the side, closed my eyes, and enjoyed my sandwich. The rich flavours and delicious mouth feel despite the simple ingredients of soft cheese and chorizo. Yes, I’m middle class…. and I was sat in the conservatory while eating it 🙂 I’ll be first against the wall come the glorious revolution. 😛

A thought stuck me as I finished eating it: what else was I rushing through to get to something else, that – you guessed it – I’d be rushing through too? What if I didn’t? What if I took the dogs on their usual route and didn’t check the clock? I know the route, I know roughly the time it takes, and a few extras minutes of sunshine for me, and sniffing for them would be time well spent, no? And maybe in the mid-afternoon, I should close my laptop and try to actually enjoy a brew (tea, not beer 🙂 ), rather than back-to-backing meetings.

Put your paws up, baby

What if when it next comes to dressing, I think on the feel of my clothes as I get ready? Not in some lurid tabloid damnation of they’re all pervs really, but one of mindfulness.

Not to sprint to the finish line of being ready, but to take a moment to remember and actually think on what it’s like to get ready and think of the journey, not the destination.

Something to look forward to when time and COVID19 permits.

Stay safe,
L x


  1. You make a very valid point Lynn, we all spend too much time rushing around to get something done, only to rush around to get the next thing done……. Do we really achieve any more, probably not. It’s the same with my crossdressing, I much prefer to take my time and enjoy the whole experience, choosing what to wear, applying makeup, the awkwardness of false nails, the feeling of the clothes against my skin, the journey is as important as the destination, in my opinion…………

    1. Ah, the faff and the fury of trying to get ones nails on… and to stay on. 🙂 Loving the Kiss preglued ones.

      Perhaps post lockdown, a shift to the slow may help.

  2. Plenty of time to stop and smell the roses right now. Maybe we’ll get a taste for it, and cast of the shackles of rigid timekeeping when all this is over? (or at least remind our bosses they need us more than we need them!)

    1. But, what about the BS timesheets that have no relation to what we do or achieve? 🙂

      IMHO, people make the work work. But then I would say that as an old leftie 😉

  3. You have more than one hound? I have visions of you being dragged across the landscape by a baying pack in full pursuit of a squirrel …

    There’s a lot of literature these days on ‘mindfulness’. The fact is that we are so busy these days that we don’t actually get to enjoy each thing properly before going on to the next thing. You may have heard of the Slow Food Movement in Italy that arose in response to Fast Food, that poor-quality high-energy mulch that people gobble on the go or at lousy ‘restaurants’ where the garish spartan decor is designed to make you want to leave quick so they can fill your table again sooner. The fact is the Slow Food Movement is right – there is nothing quite like a meal of savoury courses consumed gently over several hours, preferably in good company. It’s what the London Ladies Wot Lunch movement I set up was all about!

    Enjoy you food, your dressing, and the walkies the dogs take you on.

    Sue x

    1. Yes, we have two hounds. Your visualisation around their wish to pursue small creatures is not too far from the truth 🙂 Luckily, sensible shoes, a firm grip on the leads, and an eye for possible distractions all help 🙂 I would not be without them. They’re lovely creatures and great company during the day…. even if they snore or break wind while I’m on a call 😀

      Yes, the slow food idea sounds excellent. Not a fan of hard chairs to discourage you from a good lunch. While I don’t think folk should move in and nurse a cup of tea for two hours, I’d rather wait a little to get good food. Visiting Europe did help highlight some cultural differences – and in a good way too.

  4. Yes, all of the above. I lived in Italy for a couple of years and was flabbergasted by the attitude to life – so much more care and attention was paid to simple actions and decisions in everyday life. The philosophy was stop and enjoy this coffee, right now it is the most important thing in your day. The next thing will take care of itself – and it did. They worked their socks off but without appearing to forget how to savour the moment. That’s something we need to get back to and maybe this distancing from workplaces will help us.
    And yes, for me too the act of dressing is as much part of the pleasure as the end result – why else do I try on several outfits before making a decision? It’s to feel the subtle differences of each garment and register how women’s clothes feel unlike men’s.

    1. Bit too warm for a coffee right now. 🙂 Yes, enjoying your food, taking time to be social, and not just ploughing on, I hope these habits settle in us.

      The rush between things does not seem to make us more productive, indeed we seem to be slipping backwards. Perhaps a pace back, a moment to refresh and recharge, is what we really need.

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