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Friday night already. That’s just how we roll at YATGB. Well, except for the occasional midweek meanderings. 🙂

Given the shift to online working, most of my day involves taking with other folk over various software packages. In most of them, people have their work photo as a mini avatar. It’s that I see as the call starts and then their real picture appears. I’m finding both interest and polite enjoyment at the difference in people’s work photos with how they look now.

The shift to less corporate clothes, those who bother with the warpaint, those that don’t, those who’ve grown amazing beards, those who’ve coloured their hair funky colours, and those who’ve hardly changed at all. It’s a rainbow of variety.

Then there’s the backdrops people pick: bookshelves, kitchens, the spare room, the living room that looks like the spare room (“sorry about the mess” they say), and all that’s before you get to software that lets you pick a virtual background. Vistas, movie images, holiday scenes, etc.

I guess I’m quite nosey, so a glimpse into a person’s home – or perhaps accurately, the view they wish to show – interests me. Is that selection the New Normal equivalent of a quick tidyup before the visitors rung the doorbell? 🙂

Oh, and then there’s occasional drive bys of family members, pets, or delivery workers keeping us all stocked up.

It’s certainly a much more interesting way to spend a day than working. 🙂

L x


  1. I do enjoy the unscripted interventions from pre-school children, especially the calls for snacks and help with toilet arrangements. Brings everyone down/up to the same level.
    Has made me think I should go for something more arty/intellectual than the current Aldi wine bottles 😀

    1. What about filling the bottles with apple juice or lemonade, and then pouring a glass mid meeting? That or just knocking out back while muttering 😁

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