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Longtime readers may remember me starting a Memory Jar and a subsequent switch to a gratitude journal. I think the jar idea came from Pandora – oh, the former blogger, not the jewellery shop 😉 The idea behind either is you take time to write down the good things that have happened and pop the note in. I loved the idea of the Memory Jar and the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I spent a happy hour reflecting on those one Christmas long ago. Wise as she is beautiful, Mrs J asked why wait a year? Hmm, why indeed, I reflected… and then I switched to a journal app to see A) if this might work, B) if I’d keep up the habit, C) they’d be a bit less wasted paper 🙂

It took a little willpower to get myself going, but that’s okay because I only have a little willpower 🙂 I found I didn’t need to write about the Big Event things, but that each day contained something good and by writing it down, I had to think of what had gone well. Surprisingly, there’s usually a few. Things like helping someone, beautiful weather, someone getting in touch, seeing the beauty of the countryside, a very tasty meal, or just something cool like a good laugh. Finding the perfect high heel in my size is in there too, but let’s not shoot for the moon eh? 🙂

The journaling app I use has extra (billed monthly) features that I’m not shelling out for. I had a look a few months ago, but nothing popped at me. Today they have released a few teasers and much of it is around writing prompts. Understandably, there’s one on the benefits of journaling… and also blogging.

So, here’s my questions to you: why not start a blog or a journal today? There are free platforms to use, the lockdown may be giving you time to reflect, and what about indulging your creative side for a bit? Where might this take you? What might you write about or what are your happy moments?

L x


  1. Thats not a bad idea Lynn, in fact I was thinking of doing a blog based on the thoughts that run through may tiny mind, nothing yo do with trans issues, things like the days when mum used to buy the groceries at a green grocers, or the chip shot that had a live eel stall out side, or the milkman delivering milk with a horse drawn milk float. I thin I should do it, why do you think?

    Anyway great post as always………..

    1. The randomness of everyday. Sounds like a win.

      Thinking back as a kid, the Milkman had an electric van. This was the late 70s. It would probably have been quicker via horse and cart 😁

      1. I’ll work on it, incidentally the horse drawn milk floats had an advantage, it the milkman stood too long chatting on the doorstep the horse would just go off to the next stop without him!

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