Slightly late to the writing tonight. No great reason behind this, it’s just been a busy week, and I’ll be glad of the long weekend. Despite a very familiar routine of wake, prep breakfast, work, lunch, walk, work, tea, rest, and then bed, life feels good. Perhaps the variety of conversations through the dark glassed laptop helps, and the all important walk at lunch in the countryside do as well.

Yes, I’ve had the occasional long afternoon working until 6pm or later, but I don’t mind. The commute to the kitchen is hardly tiring and with my family wandering in from time to time, it feels more social than at work.

I’m not wearing a shirt – even a pretty one – and the weather had been such that I’m often in sandals and long shorts. Perhaps it’s the gender neutral nature or boarder line between masc and femme that help me feel grounded.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel slightly odd stating I’m bi-gender when I’ve been in one look for pretty much the last two months plus.

Still, the old feelings are there. Last weekend I was sat with my legs stretched out as I played a video game. As the sun worked across me, the light glinted off the hair on them and my immediate thought was ah, they need a good trim. 🙂

Perhaps things are forgotten but not lost. 🙂

L x

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