On the Turn


Not just a new year but a decade as well. What will the next ten years bring? I’m hopeful for greater stability and compassion, but those in charge may feel and act differently.

While doing things on a wide scale may feel beyond us, there are things we can do for ourselves. I’m not suggesting throwing caution to the wind, but I am saying with the new year’s energy behind you, taking steps to explore your gender identity can be done.

Dreams not drams. Although a
wee dram is good too.

You don’t need to have a full wardrobe, be amazing at makeup (I know I’m still learning), or out. You don’t need to be sure if you’re genderfluid, bi-gender, crossdressing, or anywhere else on the trans spectrum. I think you just need to be open to the possibilities, take a chance, and push yourself a little.

Maybe that’s reading up on some blogs, checking what’s going on in Reddit, or getting in touch with a social group near you. You may surprise yourself, so save your pennies on a gym membership, take good care of yourself emotionally, and give things a go.


  1. I agree with you completely Lynn, until you explore the opportunities you never know what the possibilities are. 18 months ago I could never have dreamed I would be where I am now, ok it’s not perfect, far from it, but the way I feel, even in boy mode, is completely different. So I would urge anybody reading this to follow your passions, open your mind to what is out there and live the life you want to live. But above all, lets make 2020 a happy year for all of us!

    1. Good to hear you feel in a better place, Andrea. Particularly that those feelings continue into bloke mode.

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