Darkly Comic


If there’s one thing to be said about the Jones Household, it’s the slightly odd sense of humour we all share. I should add this is not in an unwoke, punching down kinda way, but more wry amusement at the failings of ourselves and that of modern life.

So it was that a few weekends ago I had somehow thrown my back out. As much as a good walk with the hounds across moor and hill helped somewhat, the obligatory sitting down seemed to be the enemy. I tried the usual techniques of stretching, resting, the universal cure for blokes across the land – ibuprofen, a mug of tea, and rest – but to no avail. Not even my trusty hot water bottle did the trick. With no place to rush to, I decided on a long, hot bath. Plus, while the water ran, maybe the tablets would kick in. This seems like a plan.

A few minutes later the tub was foaming nicely and the bathroom steamed with the scent of a midrange bubble bath. As I slipped into the suds, – please don’t visualise this, you’ll just feel ill 😛 – I felt myself relax, and as Little Miss was keeping an eye on both hounds, I could risk a reasonable rest.

Which tablets were those? I felt my brain say.

Ah, the clarity of the situation set in. Those were the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s high strength ones.

Bugger: that would explain the warm fuzzy feeling creeping up my face and back plus the slightly disconnected feeling I had with the world. Oh well. 😀

I thought it best to sit up and not get too comfortable. After all, what if I nodded off and slipped under the water? 🙂 What a way to go eh? Still, I think you have to laugh at yourself. It’s generally kinder than when other people do it. 🙂

Going back to my initial opening about a dark sense of humour, I did find myself wondering what people would think of such a passing. Not that it would really matter to me as I’d not be here to listen. Mind you, wouldn’t that be a grand old joke on we atheists if there was an afterlife? 🙂

But, the life insurance would certainly pay for a very nice holiday and now Wee Man is of a size, my main use as chief jar opener would be superfluous.

You have to look at the bright side.

L x

PS: There will be no mention of the B***** word in today’s post.

PPS: A free Paddington Bear Hard Stare to anyone who mentions it…. and I don’t mean bathed. 😀


  1. Fortunately you must have survived the hot bath and pills as you have written this post, unless of course you committed this instalment to your computer before said bath! However hoping you are still here with us, I don’t know how tall you are, or how big your bath is, but in my case I would have to try quite hard to ‘slip under the water’ without trying quite hard, that being said I have never actually tried such a feat while under the influence of pain killers! I expect some would consider such a passing would be painless (bearing in mind the pain killers) or a very ‘clean’ end! And of course you can pass to the other side in the knowledge that the family will be able to survive thanks to Wee Man having acquired the skill of jar opening!

    As you are mercifully still with us, I hope your back is now in a much better condition, and you are safely out of the bath!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Still here, I’m afraid. Taking in oxygen and forming an orderly queue in the rushhour 🙂 Our eldest is now the Opener of Stubborn Jars, Lifter of Heavy Things, and Reacher of Stuff Placed Too High. He will do well. My work here, is done 😉

      I’m just over 6′ and our bath is sloped at both ends. You do tend to slip a little – bathmat next time? – so as it’s quite deep, you can sink in a little. TBH, I prefer a shower but that’s more standing.

      On the upside, I’m not writing this from beyond and my back is much better. I think it was either me twisting or too much leaning over a work laptop.

      Hope your weekend goes well too.

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