The Xmas Do

Hi,In an effort to not just sit about the office, I do try and get out a bit. Today was one of those lucky days in which I was mostly out & about, walking between appointments, and not spending the day looking at a screen, just moving email around. Apparently, that is classed as work: go figure!

Given how spread out the organisation is, I clocked up just over 8,000 steps, which isn’t too shabby for an office bod once you chuck in the early morning walk with the doggos. Of course, maybe I wouldn’t have winced on the first few thousand, had I not been stood about chatting, or dancing to 80s pop at Chameleons’ Xmas Do.

Yes, it was the party to end the season on and I had a very good time. We all worked together to set out tables, bring party food, look our best, and enjoy the company of each other. Diane was kind enough to take on disco duties, so that was one less thing on the list (thanks Mrs!). Because I’d not had to sort the playlist, what was on was both a blast from the past, and a pleasant surprise as some old favourites came on. Steph seemed to be in charge of the oven (hello Mrs Domesitcated 🙂 ), and our meeters & greeters worked the floor to make old and new faces alike feel welcome.

It has been quite a mad rush this week, with school plays, parents evenings, and work stuff. So, it felt great to have a night out and let my hair down (or put my hair on? 🙂 ). I must confess I’ve still not got the hand of false eyelashes, but despite an emergency repair earlier on, somehow they stayed on.

Other than a quick dance, nibbles, and much laughter. it was great to catch up with folk I’d not seen in a while (Sarah & Nicole: both looking fab). Sometimes it can be difficult to fit a regular visit in, so whenever people make the effort to attend, much as time permits, I – and others – make an effort to see how they are.

Despite the slight twinge in my feet this morning, all has been well. No hangovers (a benefit of not drinking) and not feeling too full either (a benefit of corsets 🙂 ).

My recently purchased velvet skirt fitted fine, so there was no need for the emergency outfit nor emergency-emergency outfit to be used. Still, better to have and not need, than the other way around. Yes, I’m conscious that the top (a body) is something I’ve worn a number of years, but this year, I didn’t feel like buying another dress. Not only was it the cost, but that given I go to one Xmas party a year, it felt a bit wasteful to splash out on something for just that event. But then, maybe that’s my Scottish heritage talking 🙂

On a closing note, Val was kind enough to say something very complimentary about the snap from last week, on how natural I looked. That really did add to the happiness meter, so thanks Val.

Take care,


  1. What a fabulous outfit! Kudos.

    False eyelashes are tough. I find cutting them in half makes application easier. When you don't, one end gets on but the other floats in space because the lash isn't curved like your eye. Making the pieces smaller helps with that.

    1. Thanks SB. After some diliberation over what to put the skirt with, I think it all sort of works.

      I may well try your suggestion next time. Practice, practice, practice! 🙂

  2. Oh….counting steps. I must admit that I'm addicted. 8,000 a day is always my goal.

    Sounds like the Chams had fun. The dress is perfect and you look great in it! Those steps are paying off!

    Calie xx

    1. Sounds a good goal to have, Calie. Usually the activity tracker just counts the walk's duration, but on those rare times when I hit 10k steps, that's great. Mostly I'm just under an hour or a bit over.

      The good folk at Chams did seem to enjoy things, yes. There was much mingling and people stood up, so it felt like the right type of busy. Plus, with the music in they other room, those who wanted to dance could do, and the tunes made a pleasant background in the main room.

      Thanks for the kind words about the photo. The steps and cutting back on sandwiches at work (more fruit, more walks) seems to be paying off. It ain't easy cutting back, but I'm feeling better about my body for having done so.

      The outfit is a body from a few years back, but the shirk is new. Hopefully I can make that item work away from a party setting.

    2. Sorry, Lynn. After I wrote the comment, it hit me that you said "skirt" and I wrote "dress". This morning I took another look at the picture and, after playing with contrast a bit I see that it is, indeed, a skirt! Whatever….the outfit looks fab!

      Calie xx

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