I finished early today and as I didn’t use all of my leave for last year, this Christmas break will be a little longer than usual. Given the occasionally frantic pace of the modern workplace, for me, this extra time away felt a long time coming.

I’m very much looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and being able to cast aside any worries about projects, reports, or the rest of that red-tape guff.

Indeed, the only red tape I’ll be bothered about will be of the festive sort. That around the presents for the Ever Lovely Mrs J, Wee Man, and Little Miss. I hope that what they have, they enjoy. I’m often a bit nervous around the worry that I’ve not quite done enough, or got the right thing, but hey, you can only try your best right?

Nerves aside, I would like to wish you all a good Christmas, and whatever you are up to, I hope you’re safe and in good cheer.

Take care,


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