The Second Train


Over in the Chameleons milabox, we recently received an email from a media company, TellyJuice, about a short documentary they’d made. Usually, media requests are for people to appear in a production, or take part in some reality TV production. The better ones – the education, the sensitive, etc – I post on the forum. The other stuff, welcome to /dev/null/ (Ed: for non-nerds, Lynn means the bin. Or t’bin if you’re proper North 🙂 )

So, this video, which may appear below if I can get the web code right, was very different. I found it moving, deeply personal, sensitive, and beautifully filmed. While it brought forth a tear, I think that was bittersweet: I was happy that they’d made it. Happy that they had found themselves and found the courage and support to make the journey they needed. Maybe it’s never too late to get another train, whatever your preferred destination.

The Second Train
from TellyJuice on Vimeo.

Take care,

PS: I’m not sure how, but somehow I’ve snuck on to No 3 in the UK Trans Blogs…. which is nice 😉


  1. I watched the video and share all your sentiments on it. For once, trans people have been allowed to speak for themselves.

    Well done on rightly being recognised among the greats of the UK Bloggers. You've been going steadily so long with your very varied posts that there's something for everyone here. Will you autograph my computer screen?
    Sue x

    1. think that every once in a while, there's a media company who get it just right. This seems like one of those times.

      Autograph? LOL. I'll make sure I use my best crayon. 🙂 I don't know who creates these lists, but I'm grateful as they help folk find blogs and maybe some week start their own too.

  2. This is wonderful. Thank you so much for posting this. I still struggle with my "Girl Voice." Since I do not make any attempt to "Pass" I have not worked very hard on my voice. But this has given me a new outlook. I am going to start working harder and using my girl voice more everyday. Again, Thank you,

    1. Hi Brenda. Good luck with your voice work.

      I'm just playing things forward. The production company and, of course, the volunteers made the film.

  3. Cor, that was something to watch. High enough production quality that I was able to watch it without anything jarring, which allowed the voices of the subjects to be heard. It started with the literal subject of giving them a voice, and then went on to do so in the figurative sense.

    And importantly, when the media lens usually focuses on the shrillest trans-advocates, this film demonstrates transwomen just living their lives, shaped by their life experiences and showing themselves at peace with the world – no axe to grind.

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