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I think that there are times when it’s all about the simple things in life. Take today for example, the cooler weather meant I could ditch the baggy trousers and sandals, returning to my preferred jeans and Converse trainers look. Yes, I am a Dad of a certain age, but team the previous with a fancy shirt and I’m feeling more myself. Funny how the right clothes help you out huh?

With all the sun of late, it seems it’s an early blackberry season too. Now, other than feeling okay with how I look, if there’s one pleasure of the summer…. okay, other than a nap in the sun or ice cream on a hot day… for me, it’s got to be picking blackberries. I think the concentration and simple movement from patch to patch very relaxing; almost mediative in a way. Like losing yourself in painting, baking, or doing your makeup.

Funny thing is, I’m not really a fan of blackberries on their own. But, maybe as jam or in an apple pie, and, wooo, now we’re talking. With the any of those, they’re a dish to be shared and for me, that adds to the happiness…. even if my daughter ate half the stash 😉

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    1. They certainly are. Does the risk balance out the reward? I think being prepared is key. Something to hook distant vines and clothes that can't catch. Certainly not an activity in your best clothes! 🙂

  1. You know, for all the amazing things there are to do in one's ample leisure time these days, maybe simple centuries-old activities like picking fruit for eating are still the most satisfying. I pick the free fruit around here, too, although the hedgerows near me have been picked clean by others this year. Curse them, may they get belly ache! 😉 Sue x

    1. Maybe going back to one's roots, with a spot of summer foraging ticks a couple of boxes in the old noggin 🙂

      If the trees are empty near you, is it time for a spot of scrumping? BTW heels help reach the fruit, but it's easier to run in flats! 😀

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