Being me once again


This week, a blog post of two halves, or what a difference a night out makes 😉


It’s midweek while I write this and I’m beginning to feel the ache – because ‘pain’ doesn’t quite nail it – of having been ‘Richard’ since late May. Sure, I’ve missed a meeting or two here and there, but mostly I get by. This time, there’s been no dressing while working from home to help fill the gap, and with Wee Man and Little Miss now on summer break, that’s not an option right now.

The ache, if you will, goes in fits and starts. I can feel my temper coming too quick, which I know is wrong. The excessive heat isn’t helping either. It’s not that I’m angry, it’s more than I seem to find anger more readily than before. This is my problem and not my family’s. They’ve not done anything wrong, so I’m doing what I can to keep ‘the beast at bay’ as it were. Plenty of distraction techniques (TV, gaming, reading makeup blogs, napping, getting out in the sunshine, etc), and I seem – oddly – to have rediscovered a taste for apples. That is helping me move to a lower weight, as that’s crept up with the beer I’ve been drinking.

Ah, the joys of being trans-something-or-other eh? 🙂


Given my mood around the heat and a lack of dressing up, the Ever Lovely Mrs J asked me why didn’t I get my things together and try to dress in cooler clothes. I’m hoping she meant dressing in less warm fabrics, rather than gah, you’re such a square. 🙂
This I did despite what felt like the hottest day of the summer, and – as per – Mrs J was right. I did find an answer to my problem. The community centre where Chams is based has air-con. There’s a bar area – although no beer – which has A/C. Given that’s fairly private and with an early pass from home, I cranked the temp down to a more pleasant 19C and started to get ready.
I never knew how cooling maxi skirts were! Well, you live and learn. Even with some shapewear on, I wasn’t melting – always a bonus! 🙂 Chuck in a cute vest top, painted nails, and a smile – I was good to go. 
Steph from TrendCo had very kindly restyled the long red wig of mine into something shorter and (hopefully) a little more me. It really needs to be ‘set’ with a wash to help the new parting settle, but a few squirts of wig conditioner did the trick.
It felt great to be all of me again. Just talking with friends at the group and having some laughs. This night out – and respite from the heat – really pepped me up, and I feel a lot better.
Funny how a night out can set you straight, eh?
Take care,


  1. Glad that you got some releif, both from the heat and the ache.

    I love apples, but generally give up on them rather quickly when I get into them. I love a crispy apple that goes 'crunch' when you bite into it! Most of the time though you end up with something wooly and 'blagh' (technical term). Shame, as when you get a good one they really are great!


    1. Thanks and it felt great to feel at ease with who I was. It's an odd thing this, but what else can you do? 🙂

      I'm with you on avoiding bad apples. 'Blargh', the official onomatopoeia of eating and reacting to a wooly apple. 🙂 Doing okay so far on Pink Ladies or Braeburns. We just need blackberry season to start, then it's weight gain o'clock as it'll be fine for pies 😀

  2. Hard apple cider for this girl! That's the way I like my apples. Hello Jenny? (Large Blooming Flower – she's supposedly saving some home brew for me to sample on the next trip to the UK)

    The skirt is absolutely fab-cute. Love everything about it. Nice top. Don't see much arm hair….that would be a prob for me. Wig is also fab Lynn!


    1. Thanks for the kind words re the outfit. I don't have much in the way of arm hair and having been in the sun, the mild tan hides it (we won't mention armpit trimming 😉 ). I'm loving the skirt, although I'm not sure about the wig yet. Change takes a while in my head 😉

      Oh, hard cider, yeah, another English / American English thing. It's just plain old Cider over here. Will, unless you start talking about Scrumpy – that'll take the hair off your chest. 😀 The brews from down south – Somerset, Dorset, Hereford – good stuff. I hope Jenny delivers.

  3. I'm glad you got back to proper Lynn mode at last. Absence from ourselves does our souls no good. You look so cute in the photo. I love hot weather, I thrive in it, but even I, for once, have found this summer a bit too much and I do feel for you who doesn't tolerate the heat so well. It's cooler here this weekend so I hope it's better for you. I hope you get much more Lynn time the rest of the year. Sue x

    1. Yes, very glad to be in Lynn mode, Sue, and I'm so with you about absence/soul.

      I'm loving how cool the skirt kept me, so maybe further investment is required next year. 🙂

      Right now it's raining in Nottingham and it's lovely and cool. Such a welcome change from the heat of the last few weeks. Yesterday was just about perfect for me: sunny and cool. Hopefully London stays the right side of hot for you. L x

  4. I hear you about the way the weather can make you grumpy – something similar happened to me back in 2016, only in my case it was the fact that [expletive] winter just would not sod off in my neck of the woods till around December: the start of summer here. Seriously, all throughout the three months of spring (ordinarily my favourite season) that year, it seemed to be a case of one or two days of actual springlike weather followed by days on end of low temperatures, gale force winds, and, worst of all, bleeding, sodding rain (maybe it's because I ride a bike everywhere, but I've always regarded rain as a necessary evil at best – I'm not a big fan of it at all). Oh, and one big storm that left the whole state without power for several hours! Believe me, I was not a happy chappy during that time!

    Talking of apples, I should really get around to eating more of them myself. I've actually become quite partial to them over the years (so much so that, on at least one occasion, I've developed a positive craving for them), but have periods, like now, when I just slack off and stop buying them. Unfortunately, the type I like best, Red Delicious, seem to appear only intermittently in the greengrocers' stores here – when they're not available, the only choices seem to be the (in Stace's words) wooly ones (yuck), or, even worse, the really acidic ones that set your teeth on edge when you bite into them (and God help you if you're silly enough to try cleaning your teeth immediately after eating one of those!).

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