The cure for the summer time blues?

Hi folks,

I’ve watched the little white box of the Blogger window on and off for one too many minutes. For someone sat so quietly, listening to the distant and infrequent sound of passing cars, you would think that something would come forth. But, not yet. The memories and hopes spin around my mind, fleeting in focus, and then fluttering away. A quick diversion to Pexels finds a suitable graphic and my imagination – or improv – kicks in.

Much like the long, slow, loops of a butterfly’s drift, so too has this week been a case of gentle drips and rises.

The temperature continues to frustrate me, although I did get out on my bike a couple of times to stretch my legs. It’s either that or I’ll be needing to stretch my clothes. 🙂

The dips have been around the feeling that the heavy heat will remain. As I posted last time, I don’t really do hot weather, and chuck in a wig, shapewear, and the need to cover up Ol’ Wookie pins…. well, it’s hardly a recipe for summertime bliss.

But, not wanting to back into the dark woods (yay, CBT for the win!), I decided to try and do something about it. Hence, moderate exercise, time outside of the office, engaging with people, trying to create things, and, that old devil, a bit of material non-therapy.

Why that last term? Because I think I think I now know that retail therapy isn’t a fix for me. Sure, the search for something ‘just right’ – feel free to think of a new riff on Goldilocks’s story 🙂 – helps distract, but that’s about it. I’m wary of using shopping as some type of medication or tool to hope me cope with what’s lurking within.

But, this time I felt it was different. Ah, addicts, how they lie to themselves and others 😀 Could I work around the problem? Did I have to do vest top and skinny jeans or tunic and leggings? Could I do a maxi dress? Well, I have *ahem* invested, so we’ll see I guess. It’s certainly long and loose enough. Maybe with the right wedges and a top….?

So, perhaps when the butterflies of wish and memory circle, I should let them flutter by. Maybe they will land and show me something. Maybe not being too hands on is a way to let the world – and I  – be, and, just maybe, I’ll find a little corner of peace that is more just so than anything from a shop.

Take care,


  1. I bought a new map the other day, actually a bespoke map from the Ordnance Survey. They do print on demand now (I've just found out), so I ordered a 1:25000 map centred on my house. But as you say, it's only a distraction, a small pleasure.

    I seem to have full-time blues. I've only done two posts this year, one of those was about how I'm not posting anything, and the other was an old one. It doesn't feel like I have anything to say anymore, either onblog or in person. Perhaps I should follow your example and set a *time* to write something, *make* myself write something, just because.

    1. Good to hear from you again, and sorry to hear you've a dose of the blues.

      Sometimes I think you've got to take what you can, when it comes to enjoying the little things. Is the map purchase a distraction or a small joy to hang on to? Will it unlock new routes to walk, or show you places you don't know about?

      I think the writing bit is tough. There's that catch between wanting to write about something, but not quite being able to hold on to the concepts to make it flow. I find it jumps and slides about, or just vanishes; so I sit looking at the Blogger input window like a numpty. 🙂

      I read on a writing blog that ideas may come at any time, or just a view on a conversation or news snippet. The writer suggested that you keep something to jot the idea in.

  2. I can relate to the depressing summer heat in the UK right now, since I actually experienced it myself for a couple of weeks just recently! That's right – I finally came over to your part of the world for a holiday, and while I certainly enjoyed finally seeing England (or parts of it, at any rate) for myself, the oppressive heat wasn't great, nor was seeing so much of the country look half-dead; indeed, there were times when I felt I was back in Australia during one of our summers! A person I struck up a friendly conversation with in one of the places I was staying (Windemere in the Lakes District) said the current weather was actually very unusual, and I could well believe him. One big downside of it was that the place I was staying in the aforementioned town/city didn't actually have air-conditioning (presumbably because it'd be completely unneccessary 99% of the time), which made sleeping at night quite difficult.

    I must admit I've been guilty of resorting to retail therapy as an emotional pick-me-up over the years, with variable results, the latest thing I tend to buy when I'm feeling down being books. I should probably stop – not only am I running out of room to put them all, but half the titles I buy seem to end up on the shelves of my local library soon enough anyway! Still, I suppose there're worse things I could be throwing money away on!

    1. The Lake District is well known for drenching tourists, so it sounds like you've swapped one extreme to another! 🙂 I hope you had a great stay and what you saw was suitably fascinating. The Lakes – and hills – can be really beautiful.

      In terms of aircon, and as you say, the UK +generally+ isn't hot enough to require it. That said, in the last few years, we've had more very hot summers (from a UK perspective) than previous. Thank you Climate Change – NOT! :-

    2. It actually rained the last (full) day I was in the Lake District, but other than that, yeah, it was pretty warm and dry. I recall watching the weather forecast on the BBC TV station quite often, and being amused at how often rain would be predicted for the country, only for the announcer to later say, "Oops! Looks like the clouds that were coming have all mysteriously dissipated, and it won't be raining after all! Sorry to get your hopes up like that!" (or words to that effect anyway).

      Overall my stay in the UK was pretty good, though, as always seems the case when I go somewhere new, the country was quite different from what I imagined it'd be like. That said, I'd definitely consider coming back sometime! One random thing I couldn't get over was just how light it stays in summer. Down here, even on the longest day of the year, it's gotten dark by 9 PM, but when I was in England, I found it was still quite light at 10 PM, and there was still a glow on the horizon around midnight. It must be because you're further from the Equator than we are. (Conversely, when I was previously in Europe, during the winter of 2014-5, I found it was dark by 4 in the afternoon, which, again, is something that doesn't happen here.)

  3. The weather here is getting oppressive. High temperatures, and high humidity levels do not make good bedfellows. I can cope with the temperatures (40c in Rome? No problem!), but here the humidity just makes it evil (25c here, no thanks! And right now we are mid thirties…).

    I've just done some retail therapy for the office. Treated myself to a mechanical keyboard for working on. Much better than the awfulness that comes with the machines that we use. In the spirit of turning Dutch I even managed to track down a discounted one that is perfect for what I want. (There is a website here in Holland with 31 day free returns, and when they get something back, it's sold on at a discount but with full guarantee. And they tell you the condition of the item in the description. This keyboard was opened packaging, but otherwise as new…)

    White screen on Blogger? I haven't even been able to get to reading blogs (no matter the subject matter) for the last month, let alone going near mine. Not sure why, but it's just too much right now. Hopefully I can pull up out of it soon.


    1. Ah 40c on holiday by a pool: hot, yes, but survivable? With plenty of cocktails, dips in the pool, etc… Sadly, that's not (yet) the done thing at work. 🙂

      The new keyboard sounds good. Do you need one for home to help break the writing drought? 🙂 Don't think of it as not posting, but going for quality and not quantity. I mean, who writes weekly about complete tosh and nonsense? Oh…. I'll close the door on my way out. 😀

      On a more serious note, I hope things are picking up for you, and that you'll soon feel that you're in a better place. L x

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