I think I can safely say that I’m not a hot weather worker. Come to think of it, too cold and I’m not exactly spritely either. Maybe I’m just not cut out for the office life? 😀 Could it be my odd Celtic/Nordic genetic cocktail? I’m all in when it comes to a nap in the sun, but it’s touch and go for anything more taxing than fetching me or the Ever Lovely Mrs J a cool drink. 🙂

With the heat and the bright earning mornings, my sleep hasn’t been what it usually is, so I’m kinda not in the zone when it comes to T stuff. So, another Chams meeting in bloke mode. Maybe to ‘cure’ the outward symptoms of being trans I just need to move somewhere hot! 😛 Not that the internal mental processes switch off, they’re just lurking unseen. Hopefully, they’re not saving themselves up to pounce! 🙂


Any more pies and I’ll be this shape too.
Maybe without the slit at the top tho.

With summer being in full swing, numbers are down at Chams. This is to be expected, but it doesn’t help when it comes to the finances. We need to hit just under 200 quid every month to cover costs and we’re not making that sum as things stand. I had a brief chat with Val and Nicola about this, so I think we’re going to have to increase the subs by a quid or a quid fifty. This may not be popular, but if we want to keep the venue we know and love, it’ll have to happen. In fairness to the Centre we get our upstairs changing room for free, and very good rates on the hall plus bar area….. Not that it’s a bar with drinks.

I’m not hearing anything back from the places I’ve sought funding from and I know last year’s shortfall had eaten most if the funding gift we got.  Based on previous experience bring & buy sales make a little bit of difference, but not enough to keep the subs down. Maybe cake is the answer? But then I’ll need a new wardrobe and I’ve too many nice things I like to wear. No, maybe not a cake sale 🙂

Take care,

PS: Apologies to Val for not using her photo from last week. Slight comms issue. 🙂


  1. For what it's worth (excuse the pun), the annual fee to join the Gems is 45.3 pounds ($60 US). It's so important to have an active group. I hope you get the necessary funding Lynn.

    So you want to be where it hot? Careful for what you wish for. As I write this, it is about 39 C.

    Calie x

    1. I've…ummm… had the pleasure of similar temperatures when Mrs J and I went to Egypt many years ago. Woo, that was hot. Slow walks, long drinks, and plenty of shade 🙂

      Compared to Chams, Gems sounds quite the bargain. Our main cost is from hire, plus a bit of web hosting.

      I only do hot when it's cold outside 🙂

  2. Chamaeleons seems to be a good and needed resource and I do hope local sources can help you. It's somehow always awkward if you have to raise entry fees, even if they are still modest. Good luck. Sue x

    1. We've been treated incredibly well by Nottingham Women's Network and the Community Centre staff, Sue. Both have helped us massively.

      Asking for more money isn't pleasant, true, and the response from the members on the forum has been very positive. Good stuff!

  3. Hope that you manage to get something sorted! I wish that I had had this type of resource in the past!


    1. There's been lots of feedback in the forum, and in a very positive way too. I'd hoped folk would be up for the 8 quid mark, but plenty of people said they'd happily pay a tenner.

      There's a meeting tomorrow night – although it's still too hot for me 🙁 – and I'm hopeful we can come to an agreement over funds. I think we'll end up with 'pay a minimum of eight, or ten if you are feeling flush'. Those who can pay more, can, and those that can't, they can still contribute. So long as we hit 8 quid with the usual level of attendance, we'll be in a much stronger place.

      To echo what you've said, I don't know what I'd do without Chams (well, be very mardy / depressed I guess! 😀 ) and others have said that it's vital the group keeps going. We're not at the 11th hour, but I don't want to sail so close to the wind, that we fold if a big bill comes in.

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