How’s things? All going well I hope.

It’s been a busy in-between week this time around. It seemed that the spam filter on the Chameleons’ mail system, had been a little too vigilant, and so messages from our contact form, were not in the inbox. Cue a rush of fiddling with software settings, and then replying to people who’d written in.

That now seems to be resolved, and it was this week that an email came in from a journalist. He’s looking to put together some short segments on what it is to be trans, and got in touch with the group. We had the usual Q&A, and then we hit the crunch question: would you or any of the group be willing to appear on the show?

Ah, therein lies the rub. On the one hand, doing so may raise the profile of the group, and help others find us. On the other hand, voices can be recognised, what type of attention will publicity draw, and voices can be recognised. The smart cookies amongst you will notice that one point was said twice. I kinda felt it was important, so yeah, doubling up 😉

Much as this blog is on the web, it is – I sincerely hope – out of the way unless someone goes looking for it. Yeah, there’s some snaps of me in Lynn mode, but a voice…? No, my voice doesn’t change when I’m not dressed as Richard. That, I guess, is the constant.

With that in mind, I don’t fancy putting myself out there, and whenever I’ve asked the group, so they take the same line. The line that privacy is key, and they don’t want to be on TV, radio, or in a magazine. In honesty, completely understandable.

Equally, I think I understand the difficulty legitimate media types (not hacks) must face when trying to find trans people to talk to. Sure, a few of us are out, and a few of us have transitioned. But, getting hold of us part-timers is difficult.

The thing is, by not stepping forward into the spotlight, are we holding ourselves, and indeed, our cause back? Some brave souls do, but… that ain’t me. At least, not yet. I guess I’m wary that it’s not about me. There’s the kids, and the Ever Lovely Mrs J to think about. Sure, you could say I’m hiding behind that, but I’m online, I’m out & about when I can, and I’m trying to help where I can with the support group, or a little training here & there when people ask. Maybe I feel I should do more, but then, for who, at what cost, and what aim?

Take care,

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