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It feels very much that I’m back in the swing of things. We’re heading towards the end of the month, and there’s a few more days until payday (eek!), so I shall have to be frugal. Perhaps buying a dress in the sale, and *ahem* taking advantage of the Boots vouchers for some press-on nails and a Nyx lippy, was a little extravagant. Still, a treat here and there’s not so bad. Instead, I’m going to blame the service on the car. 😉

So what’s been going on? Well, since you asked, it was Chams last night, and yes I double checked I had packed what I needed. No missing bra & boobs this time!

It was also Helen’s 70th, so in between meetings I nipped out at work to grab a cake. I’m glad I bought the larger size, as it was rather popular with the Chamemelons folk. We had a quick chorus of Happy Birthday, so there’s probably some royalties owed to someone if we’d filmed it. 🙂

The new matt red Nyx lippy went on well and stayed put without any LipCote. Plus, having picked up some pro-tips from the make-up lady at Boots, I think I’ve sorted out the right way to line and fill. Sadly, I’ve yet to master the application of false eyelashes so some practice may be required 😉 Still, every day’s a school day, right?

Taking of school, I had an email to the Chameleons inbox from some theatre students. They’re planning on putting on a play, and one of the characters will be a transman. They wanted to ask a few questions and make sure that they weren’t going to get it horribly wrong.

Now, I might be a man and trans, but I’m not a transman. I also didn’t want to throw any of our transguy blokes in at the deep end, so I met with them to check things out. From the small number of trans blokes at the group, and having listened to their stories, there are many similarities to what I’ve heard from male-to-female folk. Yeah, every person is different, and yet we do share some things.

There was the talk about the mask and having to pretend to be someone. Gah is that draining! Then there’s body issues (natch), plus the proverbial earthquake around Just Who Am I? The challenging of how you’ve grown up, with who you want to be. Lastly, there’s triggers; moments where sights or sounds will sucker punch right in the heart. Remember that anecdote I told you about seeing a lady driver at the junction? Her hair swished as she checked the road was clear, and I heard the thought: You’ll never look like that. Yeah, thanks Brain, just what I needed, a timely reminder of being a tubby dad with thinning hair. 😀

We talked a bit more about terms, and how mental health issues – particularly depression and anxiety – are higher in the trans community. Now, if that’s the stress of pretending to be ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) or conflict around who you are; well, I’m not qualified to say.

Still, an hour passed and by the end of it, they had a few more questions, and I’ve asked Ruben from the group if it would be okay if he got in touch. Best to hear things first hand, I think.

A good end to the month all in all!

Oh, last thing: I’ve been using Elegant Touch 3 Minute Manicure (see here for image) for the last few meetings. They’re about 8 quid a box, and while the sizes aren’t very big, there’s a selection in each pack so you may be okay. Certainly, a lot quicker to apply and remove than my trusty nail varnish! If you’re careful when you remove them, they’re sticky enough to get a number of wears.

Take care & stay fab!


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  2. Hi Lynn,
    I did a similar thing with some students who were putting on a play called Pronouns last year. Their tutor asked my speech therapist if she knew anyone who would be willing to come and talk to the students and answer questions. It proved to be a useful exchange and afterwards their tutor got back to me and said that they'd loved having me come and talk to them as it helped to clear up some of the misconceptions they had about trans people.
    Doing something like that isn't for everyone but I think if you put a human face on things and show that we are just the same as them then it helps. Change the world one person at a time.

    1. Hi Jenna,

      That's fab news. Thanks for sharing. Good to read the students enjoyed the discussion. Hopefully it'll be a snowball effect around positive change.

      I think there's a lot to be said about making issues about people, rather than distant tribes. But, I've been wrong before 🙂

  3. Another positive post. I've always said how much I like your style, but the lippy and nails are especially lovely. You have feminine hands, lucky girl.
    Good to see that the students were genuinely keen to get an insight into trans life. I am very hopeful about today's younger generation and their considerate outlook. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. A fancy night out seems to put me in good spirits. Thanks for the kind words re outfit and style. I guess I was lucky developmentally with my hands. Still, the jaw balances it out 😉

      I'm hoping the students 'get it'. They seem to be saying all the right things, as their hearts are on the right place. They certainly seen more understanding. Listening to Wee Man (now 14), talk about trans people (after we saw a trans character in a show) McAfee me think how far we've come.

      Long may it continue.

  4. Indeed long may it continue. From my limited discussions I've been struck by the many universal themes like those above, whether trans man/ woman or non binary.

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