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How’s things? Brr, it’s been a bit nippy in Dear Old Blighty, but so it goes in February. It seems Winter has a last hurrah and just when you think you might turn down the central heating eh? Yay for extra thick tights eh? 🙂


So, after last week’s post about the media, I visited a local journalist to help him with a piece about what it is to be trans in Nottingham. I guess I’m the token part-timer 😉 For those of you wondering if I’d taken leave of my sense, and/or usual cautionary nature; fear nor dear reader! This being the dear old Auntie Beeb, they’re getting an actor in to voice my words. This’ll, A) mask my voice, and B) provide someone who more suited to talking on the radio. Sheesh, it was hard to think of answers and ignore the studio. Funny how adrenaline gets you eh? 🙂

I’ve put the word out at Chameleons last night, and two more folk have kindly agreed to get in touch. I hope this helps add some more voices to the project. Time will tell I guess. Oh, and talking of time, it’s going to be a while ‘in the making’, but I’ll let you know when it’s on, when I do.


This week’s meeting was rather busy. We had at least four new people join us, and as three of them had arrived on their own, there was a bit of to-ing & fro-ing required to help settle nerves, prep tea, and listen to what they had to say. Luckily various people chipped in to help, and make our new visitors feel welcome. There was also the discussion group running that night, and then towards the end of the night, two research students from a nearby university had arrived to quiz us about fashion marketing. I’m tired from just typing that up 😉

I’ve had a note from one of the ladies in question, and she said talking/meeting people like her had really helped. Pretty much what I shared in the above interview, but it’s good to know we’re going in the direction people need.

This time around, I wore the new dress that I bought in the sale. I do love a wrap dress! There’s something about the fit that makes it fit in the right places… even if you’re still hauling around the *ahem* luggage acquired at Christmas 🙂 Yeah, with all the cold weather and the rain, I may have been out on a few walks, but I’m just so damned peckish. Still, as the weather picks up, I’ll get moving properly.

I had a long chat with two of the new ladies about where they were in terms of their journey. It’s early days for a lot of us, and that starts with the scary part of walking through the front door. As I said to both, it’s more than just coming to a new place where you don’t know people. There’s a double whammy of not really knowing what the group will be like, plus having to admit that you are trans.

Still, I think all of us remember what it was like to be in that situation, and many take the time to settle people, listen to them, and – of course – ply them with tea & biscuits. It’s not that it’s tears-before-bedtime, but I do think an empathetic ear helps keep people open up and relax a little. It is a hell of thing to do if you’ve never been out before.

I’d been lucky with an early getaway from home, and tonight I’d managed to get ready pretty quickly for me. Maybe all the practise is finally paying off! 🙂 Given the early start, the evening seemed to be longer than usual, but I’m not complaining in the least. There was a slight extension due to extra photo duties: this time for Nicola & Tanya, rather than just me & Val ( thanks for taking the photos, Val!).

Skip on half an hour so, and my Lynn gear was all packed away. Despite that thought and the heavy rain pouring down in cold, I drove back feeling much refreshed and grateful for all the laughter we’d all shared. Happy days!

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  1. I remember my first night out and being incredibly anxious. As for wrap dresses I've owned two including a simple black one I've still got which does cover such things well.

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