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The other week I was dropping off a box of toys and games the kids no longer wanted. Also, two coats that they’d grown out of. Again, nothing wrong with either and quite the case of carefully pre-loved. To that end, a visit to the local charity shop seems the done thing.

I like no doubt a lot of folk have a small stack of charity donation cards, Mainly because a) the charity gets to claim Gift Aid, and, b) I get an email saying how much the items have sold for. Oddly a few charities ask you if you want to claim that money back, and to me, the answer is always no. If I’ve given it away, that’s it. Enjoy, sell it on, play it forward, etc.

As I handed over the items, I wondered who might have them. Which little boy or girl would enjoy playing with the Lego, or who might wear Little Miss’s old coat to school. That got me thinking: what was the history of items I’d bought all those years ago?

With work being what it is, I’m no longer able to peruse second hand stores like I used to. Now, I tend to order on-line because time is short. I guess I’m moving into the cash rich, time poor category of the modern middle class. Not that I feel minted, but I have more than I did when the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones and I were in our early 20s.

So, things have changed round a little. Now, I’m giving dresses, skirts or tops up to local charities. Now many, as I try to buy sensibly and nothing too high fashion. Plus, I’m mid 40s, so fast fashion ain’t my think and with pretty much only 25ish nights out a year, it seems a little nuts to keep buying.

Anyhoo, I saw an old dress of mine in the window and it made me chuckle. I wondered who might buy it. When would their wear it? Would it be a one off party outfit, or would it make it’s way into the world of work? Would they care if they’d known a trans* person had owned it, or does that mean said item has low mileage, given my infrequent trips out? Who it is and however they wear it, I hope they’re enjoying it.

Take care,


  1. I'm sure nobody is wearing it as well as you did. 🙂
    There is a small charity shop near where I live, similarly I'm never around during its opening hours, just the times when its closed and there's several black bags outside.

    1. That's very kind, Lucy. Some items, I see and think they would so work for me. But, no. Sometimes either my luck or judgement are off. Hopefully it's a learning curve.

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