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Ah, Winter’s treating us to a last hurrah, with a flutter of snow. I’m surprised the UK hasn’t shut down. We don’t do well with anything other than mild rain and slight wind. Stop that giggling at the back. 🙂

I’ve had the pleasure to be mostly working from home today and Little Miss was stopping over at Granny’s. Yeah, an early half-term for some lucky folk eh? 🙂 With all that in mind, that meant less rushing and waiting on the school run, a chance for a brief lie-in, making coffee for the Ever Lovely Mrs J and, in the gaps between work emails, carrying out a few admin duties.

Today’s was updating the forum for Chameleons. That took longer than I imagined, but it’s done now. Phew! Funny, even with back-ups and off-line copies, there’s that little frisson of fear that you may suddenly get a visit from Mr Cock-up. Older readers may wish to ask if the spare room has been prepared. 😉

Faulty Goods

Talking of cock-ups, my phone decided to start to play silly buggers last weekend. So, I took it in for repair, I got the usual “nothing we can do here, guv” – which is odd, considering this is Nottingham, and not a place you usually encounter Dickensian wheeler-dealer ne’er-do-wells. 😉

Deep, calm breath…. 🙂 A week later and after four lengthy telephone calls, I now have a replacement phone and I’m not going to be charged nearly 70 quid for a new switch. Like much in life, a right foul-up usually starts with poor communication and that’s when the problem starts. But, it’s all sorted now (I hope), and I’m back in the on-line world. Odd, while I know I do spend a bit of time using my phone, this week has really driven it home, how much I rely on it. Not just texting the Ever Lovely Mrs J, but taking photos of every day life, finding out when my next appointment is, to checking anti-social media.


Last night was Chameleons and it was great to catch up with people I’d not seen in a while. Val was back from her travels and Sandi had recovered from a bad dose of flu. We’re making headway with the funding. That’s working its way through the banking system and it looks like we’re on track for Muggins here, to start dealing with a more of the organisation. I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Sandi and Tracey for the work and love they’ve put into keeping group going. So, no pressure eh? 😀

After last year’s ‘big want’, I finally found something – well, two dresses – that went with the little boots I bought. Do you get this? A want for a particular look, some shoes or make-up? Actually, why am I even asking this? If you’re reading this, you’re trans, so probably yes! 🙂

I should say a quick thanks to Val for her handy camera work. Oh, and Nicole for explaining the basics . Funny the things you learn eh? 🙂

The outfit for
the evening
Road testing for
another day

So, it seems that little boots need a higher hemline to work. Again, another school day.

Take care,

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