To be of good cheer


There are some weeks where I have a queue of things I’d like to talk about. This is not one of them 😉

I had started a post about presenteeism, but…. No, there’s no clever gag lined up I’m afraid. It didn’t quite work and I’m replacing it with this. A simple note to point out that it can be the little things.

Take for example:

  • Coffee with a (trans) friend and a chat, as we stroll around a nearby park.
  • A chance meet-up with a blog friend at last night’s Chams meeting.
  • A guilt-free night out.
  • Being happy with my outfit.
  • The jump between deep, meaningful conversations and outright silliness.
  • An empty work calendar, so I’ve been working on things that interest me.
  • Not falling down the stairs after a heel malfunction. 🙂
  • Finding a fix to the image positioning error on the Chams web site.
Really, things to be cheerful about!
Take care,


  1. It looks a nice list of things to be happy about 🙂

    And finding a fix to a CSS issue especially – I have a hate hate relationship with it, so pleased we have front end developer's so that they can't fight them rather than me having to!


    1. Yup. 🙂 The rewrite was after watching Zombieland with Wee Man and hearing the line 'enjoy the little things.' Easy to forget sometimes.

      Well the CSS bug has fixed it if you're using a desktop. The image isn't great if you're on mobile. Mind you, I think that snap may be nearly ten years old. We really should get around to updating it.

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