A series of excellent events


The office is quiet at the mo, and I’m sat listening to birdsong with forest sounds on my headphones (Noisili). I’m feeling rather relaxed, although the large cup of tea probably helps along with the stillness. This week, it’s mostly a good news situation.


Midweek I met with Joanna, a representative from the Womens’ Centre, to find out more about the funding we’ve been working on. That’s gone well and I’ve a bit of paperwork to fill out, to get things going. I think we may be in the final furlong, to coin a phrase. Oh, that reminds me, to help find evidence of making a difference, if you’re a Chameleons visitor – in the real, or virtual, world, I’d be really grateful if you could put a paragraph together saying how the group’s helped you. I’ll tweak your name, by adding the first two digits of your birthday, if you like. That’ll make it fairly anonymous, and yet, you’ll know your comments. . The contact form is here.

Joanna said the comments will go to the City Council, so please note you may see your occluded name in lights. I promise I’ll do my best not to put anything to link your words back to your email or otherwise.

The group’s bank account is now ‘…fully operational‘, or fully opewational, if you’re impersonating Darth Elmer Fudd 🙂 I took the subs to be paid in, and thanks to e-banking, I can see what the group has in funds. We should also be able to pay for our room hire via the same route, which will hopefully make things easier, as there’ll be less messing about with cheques and whatnot. An IT solution making things easier? Heh, I can dream right? 🙂


Last night was the Xmas Party and wow, it was a truly cracking night. Everyone had pulled together to bring food, drink, mince-pies and music. We had a proper disco set up thanks to Laura (thanks, Mrs!). Fancy lights, big speakers, a wide range of pop and retro. Certainly a change from me using an old laptop and some desktop speakers. I just need to use my T-Jedi powers to influence the play list. 😉

Feeling fancy

I was lucky to get in on time and thanks to a midweek delivery, I had a new party top to go with last year’s sequined skirt (itself another bargain). Throw in some killer heels and I was very happy with my outfit. As I said to Fy as I got ready, it’s so good to feel pretty every now and again. Just to break the run of jeans and shirts.

The Changing Room was pretty busy, with Sarah, Alison and Val visiting (loving the new do, Val). Fyona, Diane and Amanda did our best to transform ourselves. With it being a party night, I dialled up the glamour with some false lashes, some Urban Decay shades and some golden glitter eyeliner. Much wow, such amaze, so not bloke mode 😉

Downstairs, the tables were out, people were mingling and the music in full swing in the bar area. We had some visitors from far away too. Rhiannon from Oop North, and then three trans men, down from Yorkshire, via America and Saudi Arabia. Wow, it there’s ever a country not to be straight and male, Saudi must be it. Geez, what a mess. :- Interesting to hear how they’re finding things, and would’ve loved to have talked to them for longer. Seeing more trans guys turn up makes me feel happy, happy in that Chams isn’t just for us MTF part timers. While that;s our core, having folk from across the trans community is, I think, a really good thing.

I managed to grab a few words with various people and ‘cut some rug’ to the tunes being played out. I’ve still got Don’t Feel Like Dancing by The Scissor Sisters looping around my head. So good to lose yourself in the music and just dance. Just thinking about this, makes me smile. Again, thanks to Laura for working her sorcery and Diane for sorting out the lights.

Back again with the ill behaviour

I had a good chat with Rhiannon, who I’d not seen in ages. We had a chat about her work speciality, which i may allude to, but not share. I certainly learned a few things, and I was surprised to now get the difference between extroverts and introverts. Seems I’m much more of the latter, despite my love of the dance floor and other behaviours. Every day’s a school day.

By the end of the night, there was much tidying up to be done and uneaten food to be packed and taken away. I think my stash of paper plates will last a few months yet 😉

We had time for some snaps, because mais oui 🙂 That and I can look back in later months and jog some memories. Val was kind enough to do the honours of taking one of me and Rhi. Maybe next time, I’ll get everyone together for a group shot….and not on the stairs. 🙂

Merry Christmas and happy holidays
L x


    1. There's chance for a Twilight joke about being sparkly, but meh, it's Friday night 😀

      Thanks for the kind words and I love the walking photos on your blog. Have you been out anywhere else?

  1. It was such a fab night – thank you to everyone who was so welcoming – and great to catch up with you Mrs! Don't forget to use your empathy strengths too! :o) Hope to see you all again soon – jeans next time! x

    1. Such a good choice too! Isn't it funny how you can forget favourite tracks, and when they come on, you're gone.

      Yes, good to see so many new and regular faces. I must have missed Amy, so I'll try to pop by next time.

  2. Nice to see mention of the trans guys showing up. Although our local group numbers in the hundreds, I can recall only two trans guys showing up at functions in the past several years.

    Very nice snap of you and Rhiannon. I didn't realize that R was a member of the Chams….

    Calie xx

    1. Hi Callie,

      There's been a rise in the number of trans guys (and teens) getting in touch with the group. I we've had two blokes come along for a few months (Jacob and another chap who's name escapes me), so three extra guys is a good thing, IMHO. I think we're setting an increase in the number of trans men coming out in the UK. Good for them.

      Thanks for the kind words re the snap. Rhi pops in from time to time, which is great.

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