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Larks, it’s a bit late. Still, that’s the penalty for staying up, to watch a film with Little Miss. Usually, she’s tucked up in bed before 9, but tonight, being a Friday, we’ve let her stay up a little. Mind you, she’s another year old – 8 now – and full of character. She certainly knows her mind, when it comes to picking her outfits. No idea where she gets that from 😉

Leggings and an old fave.
Thanks to Val for the snap.

Last night’s meeting went well and we had quite a few new people come along. As per, the regulars mingled and said hi, so – well, I hope – that no one was left high and dry. The only slight snag was a lack of change in the money pot. Note to self: get a float sorted for next time!

Mind you, next time will be our Christmas party, so it’s time to organise the food and music. I find it best to try and start sorting the latter early. Otherwise, you end up panicking at the last minute, and copying That’s What I Call Overplayed Christmas Tunes, Vol 152. 🙂 Mind you, catering to everyone’s music tastes, seems as tricky as ensuring there’s enough variety of food.

In Nottingham, we have a thing called a fuddle. I’d never heard of it, until I moved here. It’s when everyone brings something to the event. I guess, a bit like a buffet, only – and to use some modern language – it’s crowd sourced. Those of a less nerdy nature may prefer the phrase, everyone mucks in. 🙂

With a few new folk about, there are some typical questions that get asked. Not to belittle them, nor the person asking. I guess, Frequently Asked Questions, if you like. Last night, someone asked me, “how long have you been coming?” and “how long has the group been here?

I think my first visit was way back in January 2006. Blimey, that’s a long time ago and we – Chams – hadn’t moved to Nuthall. The group was meeting up in Arnold and while the venue was very pretty, it was a real pain to get to. The new place – mind you, it’ll be 10 years soon – is so much easier. Not far from the ring road and not too far from the M1 either. Seriously, if you live near Nottingham, it’s worth a visit.

This week, Claire – one of our regulars – posted that she’d been coming for a year. That’s gone so quickly and she was kind enough to say some nice things about the group. She’s not the only one, as sometimes, people who visit email and they have this to say:

The atmosphere was amazingly welcoming for a long-established group and I was put entirely at ease.

I just want to say thank you for a great evening, I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and I’m really looking forward to going again.

I was very nervous about coming last night , but you made me feel welcome. Thank you. I was so much happier on the way home and glad that I came along

I just like to say what a lovely evening I had and the warm welcome I had from all the group. I felt so comfortable with it all and it’s certainly lifted my spirit up finally.

I really enjoyed meeting the other ladies and felt very at ease. I’ve waited years to feel like I do at this moment and it is great to know that I am not on my own.

As I said to some of the girls last night, it was everything I had hoped for and more. It surpassed my expectations and all the bad stuff that happened to me before getting there now seems worth it!

I guess we’re doing something right. 🙂 Let’s hope the party goes well, eh?

Oh, on a random note, if there’s a question you’d like to ask me, please let me know via the contact form. I’ll post the answers – so long as the question’s not too personal or rude! 🙂 – next time.

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    1. Sure is. How things have changed for the group and for me too.

      I'm hoping we can get the Welcome Event off the ground, for the end of January. That would be an advice / make over demo, for new folk. Fingers crossed! That would make a great anniversary do

  1. Well the make over demo will be of use to me as I didn't go ahead with the make up lesson that I was originally planning – but instead just went for having the make over done again. If I could afford it I think I'd just do that all the time. Great to have it done so well with no effort on my part.

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