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I was going to say, the calendar has fallen funny. But, that would make the opening paragraph, seem in need of a thunk, clunk or other onomatopoeia. Frankly, with that last term, it’s just showing off and there’s just no need.

Wait… Oh, pants. 🙂

So, yeah, the calendar’s…. distribution of days, has meant that it’s a while yet until Chams. As I missed last times, part of me was thinking I’d be tapping my feet and counting down the days (as is Susie). Oddly, that isn’t happening. Reasons to be cheerful, eh?

Talking of cheerful, the Jones Massive, are now back in the digital world. Earlier in the week, a certain driver ran into the small green box, that contains the village telephone lines. That, not surprisingly, didn’t do it much good and we were off-line for most of the week.

The kids found the usual routine of being able to watch on-line videos, Skype with their mates, or play games somewhat more difficult. The Ever Lovely Mrs J took to her books, and that’s par for the course. Muggings here, resulted in trying his hand – OMG! ‘His’ I’ve outed myself! 😉 – at finishing off a short story. Like a good blog post, some tales want to be told. It’s been a while since I’ve written any fiction and it’s proving to be an interesting challenge.

Going back to the lack of on-line access, I found it was the little things, that I missed. Being able to check on IMDB about an actor, or looking up back details. It’s funny, in that back in the early 90s, I had to go upstairs, turn on the PC, dial up and after much waiting, get on-line. Now, you tap the glass on your smartphone and you’re off.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J was out one evening, so being without any new DVDs, or on-line films, to entertain, the kids were a bit of a lost end. I suppose, after a full day at school, and with it being only a few hours before bedtime, you don’t want to be breaking out the paints and crafts. Well, I didn’t, knowing that there would be a lot of tidying up.

Looking back to my own childhood, I remember playing a board game with my my folks and it’s one of those happy memories. With that in mind, I got out some of our old games, blew the dust off the lid (I know, the shame) and we all played happily for a few hours. It was so popular, they asked to play the next night! I guess sometimes, it’s more about what you do together, rather than fancy, or expensive things.

I think it was Mrs J who said to me ‘collect memories, not things’. If I look at anything I own, most of the things I think of as treasured, they have a memory attached to them. Not unlike of of the items in my dress cupboard, but that’s another story. 😉

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  1. This brings back some memories! I remember first encountering the wonders of the Internet back in the late '90s, when I used to use this wonderful thing called Netscape to find all sorts of fascinating stuff online. 🙂 We got the Internet at our house in 2000, and relied on a good old dial-up connection (I still remember the distinct sequence of screeching noises it made whenever you connected) for probably much of the decade that followed. One of the first sites I remember visiting on a regular basis after getting the Internet at home was this one called Capalert, which was run by some Christian fundamentalist who'd go to movies (usually after soliciting donations from the faithful to pay for his tickets!), and then write hilarious "reviews" of them which consisted mainly of great, long lists of all the "sins" they portrayed (as well as hypocritical admonitions for all other believers not to see them themselves, lest they imperil their immortal souls by watching them). Great stuff! (BTW, isn't it funny just how hideous web design tended to be back in those days, what with the widespread preference for eye-searing colours, revolving icons, and other abominations?)

    My first experience with computers themselves came back in the 1980s, when one of the schools I attended back then got a bunch of Commodore 64s (a computer we later got in our own home as well). I remember playing games on our home computer that'd take an eternity to load, what with having to run them on cassette, and how often they seemed to screw up – there was nothing worse than hearing the snap of the tape player as it finally got to the end of the tape, and seeing that the TV screen was still showing the loading sequence. Still, when they worked, some of those games were surprisingly good – I used to love the pretty graphics a lot of them had (amazing what could be done with only sixteen colours in one's palette!), and many of them had really good music as well*. I still play games, albeit on my PC now, though it annoys me how all the ones coming out now seem to have bloody DRM on them (way to punish the honest people who actually pay for them!), and how you have to get a stupid Steam account to play most of them (something I refuse on principle to do). Funnily enough, in some ways, I've become a bit of a Luddite these days. While I have a PC and a more modern Internet connection (and would probably be lost without both), I'm one of those (apparently rare) people who still doesn't have a mobile phone, and I find that a lot of other modern technology leaves me cold too.

    *I actually ended up recording quite a bit of this music for my listening pleasure, on cassette! How 1980s is that?!

  2. Ah, Netscape Navigator. Maybe even a spin with Mosaic or IE3 if you fancied your luck. 🙂

    You know, I think I've heard of that site and a mate of mine, used it as a fine source of spoofs, for many months. As to abominations of design, the less said about that the better. Flashing icons, rollovers and the good ol' fashioned Flash loading page.

    My best mate at primary, he had a C64 as well. Funny how computers were all different brands and operating systems. Completely unlike today's tablets, PCs, Apple Macs and… oh… 😉 We've not really cracked it, have we? 🙂

    Yeah, 20 mins to load a game, or seconds if you could afford a floppy disk drive (5.25" of magnetic media. Don't touch the surface!).

    As tech moves on, I wonder what the adults of tomorrow will have?

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