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Hi folks,

I put off writing a post this evening. It’s one of those… two minds sort of things. Instead, I *ahem* busied myself reading what other people have been up to, checked social media and played a computer game or two. If there is one thing I can do well, it’s putting things off. I would probably get a medal in it, although they’d have to post it, because I probably wouldn’t have turned up. 🙂

[ time passes and the delete key gets used a lot ]

So, yeah. I did write something, but it’s related to an event at my work and right now, it’s a little too personal to put up on this old blog. Maybe my paranoia is acting up a little, or maybe I think this isn’t the right forum to discuss matters. Whichever it is, I’m going to let this pass and move on. Not that there’s been any great injustice, moreover, it’s work gossip and that may not be of interest. There, I’ve waffled around the subject and there’s my silver medal lined up. Just don’t ask for an acceptance speech 🙂

Instead, I’m going to say this: ask me a question in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

If you’d like to keep it anon, there’s a button for that. I do reserve the right to keep other people’s privacy, so there will be no real names or family details revealed. Other than anything too rude, I think anything goes.

Take care,


    1. Quick answer then, no. Thankfully 🙂 Although aside from the curiosity, I told you so and mild teasing, meh. 🙂 I would worry about the impact on my family.

      The work thing is more about the behaviour of colleagues – or temp staff – rather than work mates or friends.

    2. Quick response to your quick answer then, phew too. :o) That's my worry too. Your work colleagues would be ok? That's good and reassuring. Mine know, they are fantastic.

      Beyond that, work thing and colleagues behaviour are cream cheese beyond that, surely?

    3. Sorry, you've lost me over 'cream cheese'. Que? 🙂

      It's more the behaviour of certain colleagues at a recent business trip and their attitude to female employees. To say such comments are unsuitable nowadays would be putting it mildly. If the rumour mill continues, I would be surprised if someone's not given their marching orders.

      On a brighter note, all is well. 🙂 During my darker days, I did joke with an old friend (who happens to work with me) about "well, I can never come out really. Not with these hips."

      He gave me a knowing look and said tongue-in-cheek, "You'd get a bit of ribbing, but no more or less than you do now for being useless." 🙂

      Fair's far, I guess.

    4. lol, friends definitely have a way of getting us over ourselves. Was that your friend knowing that you were coming out trans, I had quite a few people thinking I was coming out gay!

      Cream cheese – have I made that up? Isn't it an expression that means that something is easy?

    5. Ta for the explanation. I've not heard that phrase before.

      Maybe he – the friend – already knows, as he's a friend of a close friend of mine, who does. If he does, he's not said anything, which I think speaks highly of him.

      As to the coming out bit, I've had the 'we thought he was gay' too. I wonder why that is? Now we're back to bloke behaviour vs mine/ours. 🙂

    6. I'm starting to think I made it up now to be honest!!

      In my case on the half a dozen times people have asked me / my friends its because I have a gentle nature (well at work anyway) and a very soft (not effeminate) voice. Raises alarm bells seemingly. Definitely their issue rather than mine. Although as I am bi-sexual, I wondered if some of the people who 'guessed' were latently gay themselves and were experiencing some unwanted or acknowledged gay-dar. In the context that they have mentioned it, always kept circumspect about telling the truth which I hated. Particularly after the cock had crowed three times… 🙂

    1. Yes, you could look at it like that.

      I have, shall we say, missed my Friday deadline before. For simply personal reasons, I don't like to. Possibly over the thought that things end not with a bang, but a whimper. To borrow a famous phrase. 🙂

      So, in my mind – an odd place, quite possibly, a short post that throws open the doors, is better than no post. Besides, I've fancied doing a question time one for a bit. What stopped me, was having more to say.

  1. Hi Lynn,
    having carte blanche in asking a question is going to be fun,
    as you asked for it, here it comes…
    ah now what was it, ah yes it's on the tip of my tongue,
    [Ed: looks at tongue in mirror no sign of it]
    Oh I remember, important that was it..
    .. how's the weather your end?
    [Ed: that was it! your big question!]
    No, trying to think about something else to entice it back.
    [Ed: looks again at tongue in mirror still hasn't appeared..]
    its back!
    I can't remember how old your little ones are, but as Rhi mentioned about detection, I was wondering have the kiddies cottoned on in anyway about Lynn? Do they get a glimpse of skirt now and then and maybe play with your wigs?
    And if not at this time, how are you going to go about educating them in the future about her?
    [Ed: that was three questions..]
    I know but all to do with the same "problem" if it becomes one.
    Did I hit a nerve or something,
    just wondered.

    1. The nippers are just over a decade and a little bit under, with Wee Man being the eldest, Abigale.

      As far as I know, they don't know anything about me being trans. Wee Man might be a little more educated around what it means, or that 'alternative lifestyles' are not a choice. I think that may well be as much part of the Jones Family social politics, as much as it is about who I am. Wee Man does tell me what he's taught in schools about gay and trans people, and for the latter, they [ the school ] don't seem to be doing a bad job of it. Maybe we're lucky. Having a friend come round – who is transitioning – meant we had a chat about that and he took it all in his stride. Maybe he'll rebel and join U-TWIT or something…. I doubt it, he's too nice for that. 🙂

      Mrs J and I have had a chat about what to do with the kids being told / finding out. We've said that we don't look in their stuff and that we should respect each others privacy. Maybe that will keep them away from the cupboard, maybe it won't. If they go looking, well, you can't 'unsee' can you.

      I'm not planning on telling them, and from what I've read, there doesn't seem to be a good time to tell them. I know Mrs J is worried about other people picking on our children, because of who (or what) I am, and I get that.

      If they find out, we'll talk about it, but other than that, I don't think there will be a big reveal.

    2. Thanks Lynn for that, I didn't expect you would go right out and tell the Wee Man (is his favourite colour blue by any chance?), but I'm glad to see that he is being sensitised to the subject at school and through contacts of the Trans kind. We can only hope that as he and his kin grow up, the LGBT community becomes more and more social main stream, adding colour to our somewhat grey society and as a consequence there will be less confrontation, ridicule and ostracising. Unfortunately, free of it we will never be. It's in human nature to point fingers.

    3. >>> "I'm not planning on telling them, and from what I've read, there doesn't seem to be a good time to tell them. I know Mrs J is worried about other people picking on our children, because of who (or what) I am, and I get that."

      That's exactly my concern too. Although as they get older – my eldest is 12 – he is already mortified by me in man-mode. Add this into the mix and I think he'll really struggle with it. Leaves the dilemma of hiding it until he leaves school and leaves the environment of physical obvious bullying. As much of a complete nightmare that would be for me.

    4. Sometimes we don't get to choose when the event takes place. Not to put the frighteners on 🙂

      The teenage years seem particularly fraught for both teenager and parent. Perhaps the 20s would be a better time, inasmuch that a person can at least retreat from home (if they are living away). I guess it all comes down to the individual offspring and how they feel.

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