Willpower, Miss Jones


A little under one more week and Christmas will have passed. All the traipsing around shops, visiting the post office and the wrapping (“The horror! The horrorrrr!” 🙂 ), will – I hope – have been worth it. For me, there’s little that meets doing something for someone else. Either, a little bit of help, listening at the right time, or putting thought into a gift, rather than an amount. But… maybe that’s just me. I know a few friends who aren’t keen on Christmas, perhaps matched by a small number who are crackers over it. If you pardon the pun. So, here’s a question, what, as this is a hypothetical question, would you gift yourself with? Time, something fancy, forgiveness, peace?


A little good luck has come my way, this month and I am now the proud owner of a new job. Yes, I have finally been able to move on at work. Well, at least in terms of a new title, new manager and although there’s some handing over to be done,

I should be officially shot of the drudge work, I’ve been saddled with over the last 18 months and instead concentrating on what I was employed to do. Yes, I shall be out and about, interviewing people and listening to their needs, before putting pen to paper, to plan an IT solution for them. Sure, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, at least, it is. I’m rather looking forward to it. Maybe not as much as the comedy wish of occasional attendance, in more, preferred clothing, but it’s probably best not to freak everyone out. 🙂


In last time’s post, I mentioned privacy and a few folk on social media – yes, I appreciate the irony 🙂 – had had issues about keeping their trans life out of their other life. If it’s any help, there’s a simple way you can do this. Actually, there’s more than one, but I’ll go with easy, seeing as I’ve got a ton of wrapping still to do and really, you probably don’t come here for tips on IT 🙂

For the Windows massive, if you point your browser over to PortableApps, you can find some more Internet browsers. But rather than installing them into your computer, here, you can just copy them into a folder. That browser keeps all your history, favourites/bookmarks and cookies stashed away from your main one. There’s Firefox, Chrome and others, so I think there should be enough to give you an alternative to whichever you prefer to use now.

When you’re done running the browser, just close it and then zip the folder up (or bury it somewhere on the system), to keep your data nice and safe. If you were feeling particularly clever, you could even keep it on a USB drive, although you may need a quick one to stop the browser slowing down.


A year or so ago.
Must resist the snacks

Talking of technology, I’ve put Google Fit on my phone and I’m doing what I can to keep walking at lunchtime. Having to fetch presents from various parts of town is helping, although for each mile I do, I seem to fall foul of the mince pie monsters. 🙂

Clearly, some willpower is required, so that January isn’t a long, hard month, after the warmth of Christmas. Best to keep busy, and think thin (I must remember the importance of a waist!).

Take care and I hope you have a fab Christmas,


    1. Thanks Lotte. Still waiting on my new contract, but I hope it'll arrive soon. Everything stops at Xmas. Well, except holiday sales and weight gain 😉

      All the best to you and yours for the new year.

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